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Vantage Points Header Joel ElvesonTHE SURVEY SAYS WOMEN are paid less than their male counterparts for the same amount of work. Are the results of this survey true or false? The survey says the majority of American feel this country is headed in the wrong direction. Is this survey true or false? The survey says our children ( common core aside) will turn out to be better educated therefore turning into better leaders. Is this survey true or false?

Surveys are opinions that are solicited from people using various medium. While they have a plus or minus rating the problem is their data is often flawed as they are relying on small cross sections of people. Casting further doubt on their results is that their questions often leave out key points that elicits only the responses they are looking for.

Are women paid less than their male counterparts for performing the same type of work or having similar experience or education? The correct answer is yes and no. Some business have a “wish list” of competitors they would really like to hire a candidate from as they feel they are better quailed in every aspect. That type of candidate coming from that competitor will be paid more. If a woman or a man gets hired from a company that is smaller or is not as attractive as the major competitor the salary structure will be less.

Yes, there are women that for no justifiable reason are paid less than a males. There is no excuse for this nor should this practice be tolerated or deemed acceptable. To make a blanket statement that women in general are paid less than men is stereotypical. The same holds true for races, religions, educational background and so forth. A survey is not an accurate barometer (save for some exit polls who have also made numerous calls or predictions way too soon only to have to retract their prognostications) since there were far too many people who never get the chance to render an opinion but somehow are counted in the numbers.

Is the country headed in the wrong direction? We don’t need a survey to tell us what we already know. The news media (left and right) have their biases but John or Jane Doe on the street in Anytown, USA will tell you in detail what is wrong with our country. A survey will just ask a general question without providing much to mull over.

Surveyors try to limit your answer to agree, disagree, yes or no. Public opinion or a representation there of cannot be limited to a one word response. Too many questions have too many variables plus require more information or facts that never get asked for a survey to have any credibility. Only “random” houses are called or a “random” number of people are ever approached. What they are doing is distorting how American really feel.

On the issue of our children who are our greatest treasures not to mention our future caregivers plus leaders are not being given the quality of education they deserve. Common Core “dumbs” children so that they don’t really learn. If they don’t learn how will they grow? The text books they use are skewered (Obama) with gross inaccuracies to the point our nations rich history is wiped away as a windshield wiper will sweep away the rain. Distortions about many critical events are common while promoting a violent extremist cultures to our children. What does the survey say about our educational system in lieu of the above? Any survey that would lead us to believe our children are being educated properly in such a manner that they will be better leaders than we were is worthy of being used for liner on the bottom of a bird cage!

To destroy a child or to take away their natural instincts is criminal. Kids don’t see color when they play in a playground. They play with other kids. Kids don’t know how to hate until they are taught to. Our kids despite tablets and all the other mind numbing devices we give them still have the need to know. We as parents must gently guide them throughout their years. If our Public Schools have been so corrupted then the alternative is private school where government money is not taken allowing for real education to take place.

People always want to know what others are thinking as that promotes further thought. When you have a situation where what you are being fed is “sanitized” so that everybody thinks alike you have a country that is in danger of losing free will. Can we sit idly by while being spoon fed this garbage that we are all one religion and that we should not be so concerned about what our faiths tell us?

The survey says this country is moving away from religious values. By any chance were real religious people asked to participate in this survey? Most likely not. Listen carefully to the results of these surveys as you will soon realize they do NOT represent main stream America. If you are called to participate in one or receive one in the mail you needn’t bother with it. What the “majority” is said to have said is not what was said or thought.


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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