And in the End . . .

–If you love what you make of your life and hold nothing back, life will love you in return.

It’s like, at the end, there’s this surprise quiz: am I proud of me? I gave my life to become the person I am right now! Was it worth what I paid?


Are you a Beatles fan? I have been from the early 60s. As a musician it was a profound experience to witness their rise to heights few musicians ever achieve—and I remember well the day in the 70s when I heard that the Beatles were disbanding; like countless other fans around the world, I was devastated. The impact they had on so many millions of lives is immeasurable; including my own—the Beatles really mattered to my generation. What was that “X-factor” that hooked our hearts so deeply? Was it their exquisite timing—arriving on the “scene” just as a shift in the western culture was beginning to happen? Perhaps it was their raw talent and the rare combination of unique creative personalities who intuitively knew how to shape-shift and reinvent themselves numerous times. The immensity of their song library is a testament to their longevity and popularity. It was difficult to witness it all come to an end—which they documented so beautifully with a simple song. It is said “The End” was the last song the Beatles recorded together as a group—and the last song Lennon and McCartney ever coauthored as a writing team. It is probably one of the shortest songs ever penned but also one of the most profound. The entire lyric is only twenty-eight words, of which the last fifteen are “and in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

That’s it! What a statement about cause and effect— and, what an exquisite way for a creative force known as the Beatles to dissolve into the ethers forever, while at the same time, having that for which they stood to continue to reverberate from one generation to the next and to the next. “The End” isn’t a love song, it’s a song about love. A song about understanding that at the end of the day, our lives matter because they are a composition of the minutes, days, and years that we exchange for the privilege of living in human skin—and love is the medium by which we measure a life worth living.

The “group,” the Beatles, technically died at the end of that recording session but their music lives on in you and me. I believe that is because they truly loved what they did and that love found its way into our hearts. They brought the best of themselves together to co-create something none of them could have created alone. However, they also knew when it was time to go their separate ways because their co-creative energy was spent; they knew they were not giving the group, the Beatles, the “best” of themselves any longer.

Because they loved what they created when they were together, they held nothing back, and I think that is the message of this song (and the essence of all my books and other writings). Love what you do; love what you make of your life—hold nothing back—and life will love you in return. I invite you to just sit with this thought for a moment and see where it lands in your mind and heart. Do you love the life you have created and are you aware of what a precious gift it is? This is the question worth pondering as our journey as fellow human beings continue to unfold even far beyond the devastating pandemic from which we are slowly emerging.

The takeaway is simple:

In the end, when you leave this planet, will there be a surplus or a deficit of love left in the wake of your life? Love who you are and love what you do with who you are, and the answer to that question will be self-evident. “All you need is love” isn’t just another Beatles’ song title—it’s the calling of a lifetime.

Never forget, you matter.

Peace, Dennis


Dennis Merritt Jones
Dennis Merritt Jones
Throughout his lifetime, author, speaker, and mentor, Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones has been on a quest to inspire and lift people to a higher expression of life. His vision is to guide people to their purpose, knowing that when one fully awakens to who they are and why they are on the planet, they share their gift to humankind and create an enriching life for themselves and the world around them. Dennis is the award-winning author of six books—three of which are recipients of a Nautilus Gold or Silver award—and hundreds of articles and blogs. He has written and released the following books: The Art of Abundance - Ten Rules for a Prosperous Life; The Art of Being - 101 Ways to Practice Purpose in Your Life; The Art of Uncertainty - How to Live in the Mystery of Life and Love It; Your ReDefining Moments - Becoming Who You Were Born to Be; Encouraging Words - Proof That Who You Are Matters, and; How to Speak Science of Mind. Dennis believes we each have the capacity and, ultimately, the responsibility to contribute something positive to this world, leaving it a better place than it was when we arrived. Reflected in his writings and presentations, his teachings promote a contemporary life-affirming, spiritually logical, and positive outlook on life. As a keynote speaker, Dennis is equally comfortable addressing an audience seeking spiritual inspiration or those seeking a purely secular motivational message. He uses his understanding of universal principles to draw upon wisdom from both eastern and western philosophies. As a mentor, Dennis works with individuals and non-profits to assist them in clarifying their vision and mission. He believes that there is a deeper consciousness of unity, cooperation, and reverence rising in humankind where the value of all life, regardless of ethnicity, geography, culture, or sexual orientation, is sacred. He believes this consciousness of unity, cooperation, and reverence for life and the planet will be one of the most significant influences upon society as we approach the challenges of 21st-century living.

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