And Another Yet Another Day Passes By

“I can’t stand it to think my life is going so fast and I’m not really living it.” …The Sun Also Rises –Ernest Hemingway.

“There’s no tick tock on your electric clock but still your life runs down.” …Halfway To Heaven –Harry Chapin.

“Morning, a time for breaking ground and sowing seeds, and yet we give up our sunshine so we can buy what we need.” …Let Time Go Lightly –Steve Chapin.

“Saturday morning and it’s growing light. I look out my window and remember the night. The story is starting or the story ends.” …Saturday Morning –Tom Chapin.

Just as the sun rises in the East and sets in the West another yet another day passes by. Where did it all go? Where is it all going? A shooting star that streaked across the nighttime sky as it hurries into its final destination which is oblivion. It had its moment and served its purpose but now it ceases to be. Its legacy was lost soon after it began. So too the days of our lives that unlike time cannot be measured in years, months, weeks, dates, hours, minutes and seconds.

In an instant there is the preciousness of newborn baby whose life has yet to fully begin while the funeral procession winds its way down the road to deliver the remains of a life in the form of a  former physical being so it can be buried beneath the earth where one day it will renew again or maybe not. And another yet another day passes by left to the remnants of why. We wait in anxious anticipation for it to arrive never really knowing what it is we are waiting for. “The tears of the world are a constant quantity. For each one who begins to weep somewhere else another stops. The same is true of the laugh.”-Waiting For Godot-Samuel Beckett.

A week in a day. A life that is slipping so slow in the fading away. And another yet another day passes by. What was once love is now shrouded in hate while being cloaked in a mystery. Kisses that exchanged themselves for fists landing one after another on me without mercy.  So much better if they caused pain to remember them by. There comes a time when you need time to move you back counterclockwise back to when it was all good. Was it ever really good? Was it ever good enough? Will it ever be good or good enough again? Will I ever come back to knowing me assuming I get that far? I wait not for wishes to come true as I have no wish to wish for.

“That he not busy being born is busy dying” …It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding) –Bob Dylan.

A man of yesteryear never buried his hopes in the sand or saw his dreams whisked up and carried far away by the ocean to the only places they could go to. What is a day if a million chances eluded your grasp before you knew to close your hand? The heels on the back of my feet are calloused from shoes that have not worn their way off of them. These shoes take my steps to wherever my mind tells them to meander towards. All in all and another yet another day prances on by over and out. A fragile new day that needs to be cradled, to be coddled, so it can take its place on the throne of that day but that day only.

If I were to have reached you or inside of you while extracting the ingredients only you have that can change the world how would that lead you to feel? Your pain or your wonderment is the reality that is meant only for you.

For I am just the Dreamweaver that I intricately weave into patterns with small sparkling diamonds on them as they are stretched in all directions on the loom. The small fray is a foreboding sign of the decay of the fabrics once so pridefully shown but can no longer adhere to their form. In their own way they telling you their prolonged farewell fairytale while casting their weary eyes longingly towards you.

All in all its just another yet another day that I have not led you to lift yourself. You have to aspire to the codes that you must encapsulate yourself in so as to be propelled to your growth before it is jettisoned away from you. For in truth I cannot lead you as I elect to simply settle in behind you. It is you not me that must take you to be what you have chosen to be. My place was never meant to be standing statuesque in front you carrying my baton waving it back and fro so we can all get “there” while arriving at that final destination point simultaneously. That is not me at all. I am not some glorified pied piper who makes enchanting melodies by raising my golden flute to my lips beckoning you, rallying you or inspiring you, or even charming you as snake charmer would do so you could bend to my every longing. That is very bit not me. Take no flyers from me as they have been burned to black soot.

My confidence rests on this day. What can I or we take away from this day? A delicate blue sky dominates my vision but offers no clues of what it is I do not know. There isn’t a whole lot of me that bathes myself in glory that isn’t. Perhaps you will partake of that with gusto and pride but I most assuredly will not. I will instead fill my day with meaningful nothingness rather than roll in the thick mud tainted by cow manure just to claim my spot in some red carpeted hallowed hall. And another yet another day passes by.

It is nighttime here in New York. Another day yet another day is gone perhaps no forgotten by some but relief is felt by others. We soon will be waving goodbye while counting down the day to yet another day that will come next year. The wrath still hangs with resentment. The laugh tracks cannot overshadow what took place. No, we will not laugh about it cry about as the page will be slipped while some numbers start the reverberation as we are predestined to do it all over again. The tonearm must be lifted to rescue the needle almost hopelessly stuck in a crater on the plastic platter. A song has been silenced.

You can’t carefully craft or carve out your life from underneath the glistening marble stone. That day that was yet another day saw you pass away and die. Perhaps what love you gave continues on but most likely not. She taught you so much but hardened your heart stripping you of that precious emotion. You had no more to give and you knew it. It was time for you to go away. There will be another day yet another day still but you will not have mark in it. All the terms for this new and growing technology that echo changes but nobody will hear them to take hold of them.

This is a happy day as I can celebrate the defeats that did not defeat me. The triumphs that could not triumph over me. Another day yet another day but in 9 days it will be a special one for you. I hope it is filled with maximum joy for all concerned. Take lessons from that day to bring yet to another day.

A few precious days are left before my vocals will fall silent until in some eyes it all starts anew as it was. My another day yet another day while I sit hunkered down in the blackness that is so fittingly appropriate while setting the stage for goodbye. The journey into the caverns of emotions must be recalculated and rerouted onto the ever-changing treadmills, windmills and delicate daffodils that will make up a day yet another day that too will pass by.

Dear Dennis Pitocco: sail or fly far and wide. You instinctively knew the ripening process was well underway bringing new delectable fruits with it. When you come back you will hopefully manage to scrape up pieces from wherever you travel that will lead to seeing the dawn of a day where your mark will testify you took the only choice that was the right choice.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all of you. Thank you for the tours you took me on to lands where nothing was completely understood but I believe I did not misunderstand that you came from places far greater than I have ever been but out of that came friendship.

Until the next another day where I hope we will all be together again.


Joel Elveson
Joel Elveson
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  1. Joel, every article you write produces thoughts that are shared by those that feel what you write and then think about what you write. Life is given to us by God, I know you know that. All things come to an end, but life is full of so many beautiful things despite the sorrows, hardships, and trials. What comes into life and then passes lives on eternally with HIM who has given so much, His only Son. We are tested in these times but persevere with a loving heart and courage. Romans 8:28. You remain a constant in my daily prayers.

  2. We are meant to live and up yes life goes on with or without us. What resonates with me here is the melody of thoughts when reflecting on what the days do indeed mean. Do they have significance? Did they really matter? Can they really be measured?.. I think that they are all,.. and yet the absence of one life will not make a dent if they don’t see what they did every day? Too deep? It’s like Eric Ericksons psychology. Stagnation vs generativity. We will come to “day” when we will reflect and look back to see what we contributed. Then again I could have misread the whole thin? Thank you Joel! I appreciate your descriptive, poetic, yet ambivalent article on the days…
    Have a good “day” shall I say? Cheers. Paula

  3. Joel: Here we are, marching day by day toward another new year. We look back at the past 9 1/2 months of 2019 and wonder where it all went. What did we do? Why is time flying so fast now that I’m older? Did I do anything of worth? Did I help anyone or ease their troubled breast? You are right, the days come and slip behind us leaving little in the way of footprints or lasting value. Sunrise, sunset, sunrise, sunset, so the days slip by.

    I think the only way to consistently value each day is to have stared the grim reaper in the face and denied him. Having done that, each new day has a value and a meaning and a worth no matter what happens during that day.

    Ken VIncent

  4. Joel – When you pour your emotions into words, you remind us of universal feelings of sadness and regret that overtake all of us at times. But joy comes – from a whispered love – from a hand held – from a soft touch – from an ear that hears – and in an instant, we are whole again. Thank you, dear friend, for sharing your story.

  5. Joel when people really say things from their hearts … candidly … sincerely … like you did, therein lies their greatness. Your article speaks volumes about that. At the same time I concur with Bharat, your words gave me an unsettling feeling. I’m convinced you have what it takes to overcome an unpleasant situation (whatever it is) – please appeal to your higher reasoning. You are a good person Joel. Happy new year 2019! Your friend Massimo

    • Massimo, Thank you for your kind words. Happy New Year. I have fallen into this writing style which I have come to enjoy while seemingly touching many people. Life is not where I would like it to be right now. In a couple of weeks, a significant change(s) to my life may occur. I intend to take all of you on my new journey should it come to that.

  6. Dear Joel Sir,

    I deeply appreciate your mastery in giving vent to your feelings like nobody else, par excellence as a matter of fact. However, the undertones of melancholy coming out of your poetic diction give me an unsettling feeling.

    In a long time, probably for the first time in my life, I dearly wish I am wrong in writing what you will see in the next few lines:

    #1 First things first, Joel Sir, LIFE is all about Celebration, and not regrets.

    #2 No man can ever predict how many “another day” transitions he has to walk this firmament

    #3 True friendship is like a flower that never wilts ‘cause friends live in our hearts, never to be forgotten

    #4 The spirit of giving, of sharing our knowlege and experiences is not a gesture, but an obligation that we can never walk away from

    Last, but not the least, you live both in my heart, and my psyche, thanks to your immense wisdom; I only hope I could ever earn even one millionth in yours too!

    Three Cheers!

    • Bharat, One million and one thank you’s for your words. This article was written in the midst of a personally challenging time where uncertainty, stress, and tension rule the day which set the tone for the article. Aside from that, I can get overly reflective which also lends itself to a less than happy go lucky feeling. If you gain any wisdom from anything I have written it is at that point that I will be a millionaire who has been blessed to have people like you in my life.

      • You are Inspiration Incarnate, Dear Joel Sir, and inspiration never dies. It is the source that keeps us going. So, never say ‘Die,’ and maintain an aura of positivity as long as you live.

        We know it all too well, one born must bid a Final Goodbye, no matter what. But, the inspiring spirit tells us to enjoy and enrich every life for as long as we live.

        Thank You!

        • Bharat, your words are so very kind which you express so very well. I am sure you know by now I think of you as a very wise and worldly friend who has taught me so much about so many things. Life is precious but there is not always a lot of time to live it all. If we can touch another life or bring joy to another human being that is what we must do. Our is to live, laugh, love while continuing on with each moment until the curtain comes down on our final act. Thank you, Bharat.