An Orange Scarf & The Martial Art of Data Science

Orange_scarfCheckmate, Humans?

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]A[/su_dropcap] GENERATION, junked by the economic slump*, beautiful young people, whose energy and idealism are going to waste in their own homelands, sooner or later consider leaving their countries to find employment in Germany. These words in a little different interpretation like a flash caught my attention instantly this morning. And since my unexpected ‘say NO on default’ first reaction prevailed any further thoughts or search of common sense, it turned instead to a theme for this story. Beautiful young people and their chosen roles in new world, new Germany, in Berlin.

On November 21st, 2015 I wrote a short article as my thank you note to the organizers of the Data Natives 2015 conference in Berlin.

Refreshing, thought provoking and hope creating! Data Natives 2015! The conference in Berlin, Germany that took place on November 19th & 20th brought together more than 500 attendees, speakers, press representatives and those, whose participation made this great event possible. With gratefulness, I would like to share a few thoughts with hope to see some of you in Berlin in 2016! Data Natives 2016 dates are October 26th-28th, 2016.

Checkmate, humans! Was one of the central vectors of my perception before the moment when it was successfully U-turned by Lars Trieloff, Director Product Management, and Blue Yonder GmbH. Berlin, Germany? In his Presentation:    “Predictive Applications are going to Steal Your Job” so let us do what we can do best: be human”, stated Lars, based on results of his remarkable research.

Brilliant, talented and provocative subject of a discussion by and with Dr. Kirk Borne. It never stops to surprise me when the best scientists choose to add the newest technology trends and skills to their main professional and lifetime career. PhD in Astrophysicist, the University Professor. Whom else would I trust more than this top influencer in Data Science, Big Data?

Impressive, informative and touching presentation by Jeremy Waite, Head of Digital Strategy at Salesforce Health Cloud, Author ‘From Survival to Significance’ proved that lead by heart technological solutions bring success to an enterprise together with great impact on life well being of humanity.


Looks ‘Aikido’ to me – the way through the life energy to harmony & unity.

Why Berlin? What does it take to breakthrough? Does the determination for success and walking an extra mile consume your free time; maybe ruin your young years’ dreams? Who is, who was your role model? I asked Elena Poughia. Does it take talents to break through invisible walls? Yes! Does it take strategy, an educated decision(s) to know what to focus on? Yes! It also takes hard work invested into the things you believe in and focus on. Create your breakthrough now!

Data Native! Born in Greece and educated in the UK, Elena has a passion for art and technologies as a curator and writer. She came to Berlin invited by the Dataconomy GmbH. Instantly, her interest sprung from her involvement with net and digital art. Web developers, graphic designers who are creating artwork as a commentary to our data-driven reality share gladly their passion with Elena. She enjoys the philosophical and sociological perspective of this art, and the possibility to learn what data-driven technologies could achieve in future.

‘Berlin is an exciting place to be right now: booming startups, exciting opportunities, tech savvy bright minds, Berlin is accepting of otherness, is open to new ideas and provides endless possibilities. I am totally immersed in the life of Berlin’. Why Berlin? Culture is its history. Culture is its language. Culture is its music, its poem, its art! In Athens and in Berlin I feel home. Mega City, as Berlin is, not only shapes your identity professionally, it has everything to give what delights your heart, motivates your thoughts, and inspires your decisions! My role model? Any bright, go-getter and independent woman out there, is my role model, smiles Elena.

‘10% inspiration and 90% perspiration’. Being young is not a limitation, smiles Elena, flowing easily and with indulgence in a stream of events and attracting with visible lightness thousands of people around her in Europe and beyond the horizons of European borders. Being in the right place at the right time? ‘It helps’, says Elena. ‘What helps even more is to catch the wave. To believe in yourself. To let yourself make mistakes and overcome uncertainly.’ She certainly did! And what a lesson to learn!

Head of Events & Partnerships at Dataconomy Media GmbH, Berlin; Main Organizer of Data Natives Conference, before coming to Berlin, Elena enjoyed working for Gagosian Gallery in Athens, served as an assistant curator at the 54th Venice Biennale and co-organized festival(s) of Digital Arts and Electronic Sound. She holds a BA (Hons) in Business from Durham University (UK) and an MLitt in Modern and Contemporary Art from Glasgow University (UK).

Ranked #27 amongst the Top 100 Global Big Data Brands, Dataconomy Media is Europe’s leading Media Portal focused solely on Data Science. Organizer of Europe’s largest Big Data Events & Conferences, Dataconomy Media bridges the gap between Data Science and Business.

How I met Elena the first time? In 2015 at one of the events – a meetup of Dataconomy followers- that she was leading. I was very impressed by her acting on and behind the stage. In times when in some European countries about 50% of young people are doomed to unemployment and disillusion, those, determined to study, work and invest their passion driven activities, they make a difference. I felt, I must let her know how much this kind of reception is appreciated. How could I do this? I was just a stranger among a few hundreds of young people, professionals – the event attendees – at the audience. Suddenly, a blaze, a thought went through my mind. A scarf! That day I was wearing a beautiful orange scarf. After the event, I asked the young lady to take it as a gift. I hope that Elena Poughia will smile, reading these lines.

Berlin! Berlin! You change people every time they let you into their hearts! You changed me!

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us. It will not be led by technology. It will be led by humanitarianism.”

     –William A. Laraque, Managing Director US-International Trade Services

*Cannes 2014: Beautiful Youth review


Ludmila Morozova-Buss
Ludmila Morozova-Buss
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