An Open Letter: To Medical Organizations

An open letter to medical organizations,

I recently saw information that many medical organizations are requiring employees to receive one of these experimental biologic injections purported against the disease that shall not be named. I am writing as a member of the public and a previous PhD researcher at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to give my opinion.

Firstly, regardless of any governmental body’s declaration, without 5 and 10 year safety data, without teratogenic safety data, it is still experimental.

This policy is blatant discrimination against Christians, and other religious folks, and is direct and unapologetic. It obviously disproportionately affects Christians of faith, people who disagree with use of artifacts of abortion in medical development. This discrimination is similar in manner to how some policies, that have been determined to be illegal in the United States, disproportionately affect blacks, women, or other minorities.

The expected outcome of these policies will be to exclude Christians from working at your institutions.

Since you have exemplified your direct distain for Christians, let that be enough on that topic.

I also need to let you know that your position makes it impossible for me or my family to trust your staff or organization.

Why would that be?

In my time at CCHMC we heard quite often that everyone needed to speak up when they saw something that was “wrong,” ie, not in the best interest of the patient, staff, or organization. By you forcing your staff to take these biologic injections against their will, you have demonstrated that your staff will NOT stand up for what they believe is right in the face of pressure. The reason your staff don’t want this injection is because they think it is not in their best interest. In fact, facilitating medical procedures that are requested only due to blackmail is antithetical to medical ethics, but I digress…

In fact, every employee you release is one who WOULD follow their legal and moral obligations to put staff and patient safety first. It is impossible for me to trust that your remaining staff would put my or my family’s safety first if there were pushback from the institution.

Your actions and your staff’s folding to your pressure show that patient care and staff safety of NOT your top priority.

It is sad that you have taken this step backwards in patient safety that we have worked decades to promote.


Dr. Michael Barnes, PhD

Michael Barnes
Michael Barneshttps://awakened-innovations.com/
Michael Barnes is founder and CEO of Awakened Innovations, Inc. Awakened Innovations helps nonprofits to save time and money by connecting them with high-quality, vetted, service providers. Previously, Michael has been a business coach; Director of Lab Operations at, Assurex Health (a genetic testing laboratory); and built the Cincinnati Biobank and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. Michael’s overarching passion is to help others succeed and fulfill their mission in life.