America is the Humanity of the World

We are the people of the world whether we are consciously aware of it or not! We harbor the majority of the cultures if not all of the cultures of the world here in America! This is what our population is compiled of. We are humanity and the people of the world! That is who we are now and what we are.

The reality is, Americans are free to make choices and live life as we please on a whole. We are free to practice our religions, beliefs, spirituality, and worship for our own highest good which should incorporate grace and understanding for any and all paths leading our people to higher ground. We are free to participate in the political system and vote. We need to improve our systems, all of them, adapt, modify, and update to existing times.

We need to become leaders in our system designs and bridge gaps, all of which is doable. It is time to EVOLVE further, reunite our people, the people of the world, and humanity once again in our beautiful nation.

Life is not about superiority, it is about love, peace, and harmony! It is time for Americans to find all of the reasons that we are the same vs. the reasons that we are different and to apply focus to this in all of our system designs. In many other countries, people do not have this luxury, we do!

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Aileda Lindal
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Aileda Lindal is an experienced business strategist and team development leader. In concert with this expertise, she carries the extraordinary ability to visualize organizations at both micro and macro levels. While consulting and coaching a multitude of businesses, she has also worked with individuals to reach new levels of achievement — personally and professionally. Her purpose is to guide individuals and organizations through obstacles and ultimately, cultivate success. To illustrate the sheer breadth of her knowledge, Aileda was invited in 2016 to offer business opinions at the White House. Her resume highlights a long list of impressive brands of which she has been a guiding force. US Bank, Harley Davidson, Ace Hardware, and Bath & Body Works remain some of the most well-known companies. What her resume doesn’t share, however, is her genuine love of people and her insatiable drive to help her clients attain their goals. Aileda embodies a passion for bringing people together to actualize exceptional results. She seeks to inspire and motivate her clients while ushering out the very pinnacle of goal realization.