Amazing Sports and Its Consistent Exhorts

Sports are the most ancient form of amusement in human’s prism
For centuries-long it is engulfing us with an appealing rhythm
In due time
Sports do evolve and satiate our souls with delectable enthusiasm
I wonder only while observing the balls
From minute to round form how it amazingly evolves
Various platforms it resorted to
From sixteen to thirty-two
Number of contenders in numerous formats
From chess to basketball and subsequently soccer and cricket balls
How amazingly it becomes vibrant to engulf humans with sheer appreciation
Sports are truly an intriguing manifestation to cause appealing renditions
The only entertainment which stimulates us
We love to align with its tune in chorus!

When in humans a zygote form
After due time it evolves in our cellular structure to make grand reform
In the human fetus when it reaches the stage of blast cyst
It eventually paved the way for humans to manifest on nature’s floor with intriguing tryst
Where new lives merge and sustain to make us understand of human’s reproductive system’s gist
From two to thirty-two
How cell divisions paved the way for us to emerge on nature’s floor with a delectable hue
It alone produces reflections in human’s cerebral with emphatic vibrations
Sports are truly an insignia to satiate our soul’s aspirations
Our fervor for sports is an innate inclination
It continuously stimulates us to germinate
Between two halves within us
It alone produces an influence to ratify one in an amicable design in a chorus
Victory and defeat are the consequences we celebrate in the ruckus
Sports are the only manifestation we love to be engaged
Which alone scripts our destiny with a distinct presage?

I just wonder
When I look at the chessboard
Where frontline workers dedicate their lives
To secure and safety of the higher echelon at the back of them with their traditional jive
It is eventually the poor souls
Who actually has no say in human history’s mysterious protocol?
Sadly human history is scripted in haste
Where sports too take a backseat to satiate a few megalomaniacs’ recalcitrant traits!


Debasish Majumder
Debasish Majumder
I Debasish Majumder, hailing from Kolkata, State: West Bengal, Country: India, born in a middle-class family in the year 1965 and brought up in an environment extremely favorable for me to garner knowledge from people from various walks of life. Their lives and livelihood are of immense gravity to me as I considered myself as a fortunate one to be facilitated to interact with those who possessed multi-faceted experience and thrived vigorously in their respective fields. Since my schooling as well the path of my studies till I completed my graduation in humanities and thereafter working in various organizations has enabled me to get hands-on experience about the twist and turns of life where I observed the plight of myriad who are economically vulnerable and how they combat the life and even capable to enjoy the every drop of it without complaining about their state. Since my childhood, my passion for the English language and English literature enabled me to explore the world in and around me out of fabulous authors and their valuable renditions which even unveiled front of me the true picture of nature and how it is now confronting peril out of greedy few sharks in the veil of few humans obliterating the very essence of humane! Their works encouraged me to pen down articles, short stories, and poems with my little ability and I have already had a number of paperback editions of my compilation of short stories and poems which are now available on Amazon and other global sites. My alacrity for learning regarding nature as well the society along with the people who are considered as the most precious imperative for us to be enriched. I am blessed by innumerable notable thinkers and philosophers whose works appealed to me enormously, and even helped me to shape up myself by virtue of their expressions. I am having little capacity to translate the reflections of the present society, precisely for the acumen of a myriad of learned persons who have helped me to widen my vista with their wisdom and wide array of knowledge. My sincere effort was navigated by those enlightened persons and I tried with my best of ability to reflect on the scenario I have observed in the journey of my life.

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  1. Quite an intriguing investigqation, Brother Debasish
    A woman I know looked at a top down from the rfters view of an ice hockey game, twelve players -back and forth weaving in and out chasing a puck that from this height was invisible.
    “Oh how male!” she said “It’s sperm on ice”

    Competition -it seems encoded in our DNA
    Symbiosis, collaboration should be there too-if we are true children of nature, but those drives seem less obvious.

    The Duke of Wellington alledgedly attributed his victory to “the playing fields of Eton – the primier British upper class school -but George Orwell stated “but the opening battles of all subsequent wars have been lost there.’”

    Competition can improve us, but like many activities -competition to excess is destructive

    You are a thinking man’s poet.