Am I The Only One Who Finds This Annoying?

We’ve all been told:

✅ There’s a four hour workweek.

✅ The best things in life are free.

✅ Follow your bliss and you’ll never work a day in your life.

Here’s what I know from my experience:

  1. Many days require a lot more than four hours, let alone a week. The days that require less than four hours I call either vacation, slacking or Sunday. Yes, I know, working harder doesn’t necessarily mean working smarter, but I have found that “work” is typically required.
  2. The best things in life that are “free” still require my prioritization, attention, and energy. It’s true, my loved ones, my family and friends, can’t be bought. On the other hand, the roof over my head is bought, the food on the table is bought and the “free” things that congregate under this roof really enjoy eating this food. [and sipping nice wines!]
  3. I followed my bliss. 28 years later I still love what I do. And I still work most days. I hustle. I sweat. I love the outcomes, and these outcomes require me to roll up my sleeves and make stuff happen. Gladly!

Today, I’m in the hotel gym alone. April 17th – 5:15 am – deserted fitness center. Does this mean the early bird will get the worm? Does it mean hard work always pays off? Nope to both. It just means that I’m getting my wiggles out. And when I get my wiggles out, I feel better, can focus more and have more energy to contribute.

If you’re gonna pick a trite platitude, remember, it’s not rocket science. Pick a platitude that grates on your nerves and ask yourself why?

Most likely it goes against your values or your very nature for what you know to be true. Then pick the opposite platitude. Trust me – there is one! Such is life.



AmyK Hutchens
AmyK Hutchens is the Founder of AmyK Inc., a firm specializing in leadership, innovation and sales Think Tanks. Recently awarded International Speaker of the Year by Vistage UK (World’s leading CEO membership organization), author of the Amazon bestseller, The Secrets Leaders Keep, and a featured contributor for Entrepreneur magazine, AmyK is a catalyst for igniting brilliance in leaders. More than 45,000 executives in over nine countries have benefited from her keen insight and intuitive understanding of the issues leaders face.


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Larry Tyler
Larry Tyler

The great struggle we have in life…. Age at some point resolves a lot of our issues. My Bliss as you say was my passion also. I was good at it and very successful yet what it took from me in the end was, less time with my wife and family, missed ball games that my son played in, less time to spend with my dogs, and many sunrises lost forever. Today my life is spend with each moment of the time I have left living life.

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