All Things Bright and Beautiful …

In case you think this an invitation to start singing or heading down the kum bay yah path, worry not. I do however invite you to reflect on the last time you entered your place of work full of the joy of ‘Life’.

Life is certainly a tough experience for most of us, admittedly to varying degrees, and yet within any 24 hour period, there are countless heart-opening moments to be had. A beautiful sunrise, an amazing tree, a child giggling their socks off, a bird in a nest with their babies…the list is endless. Our challenge is always to remember to look, and see, and connect through our heart.

Accessing the full spectrum of the human experience includes opening to our heart which is life-giving in a deep and joyful way.

It opens us to the power within us which is warming and magnetic. It connects us to a resource which is both uplifting and transformational – for us and others.

As great leaders, we seek to inspire and uplift…to connect others with their own power and potential. This is a heart-based impulse and to be truly powerful we need to take care of our own heart connection each and every day. So whilst you may not feel inclined to sing ‘all things bright and beautiful’ why not choose to look daily for those moments which have the power to open our heart and consciously bring the qualities of those moments into your leadership and daily life no matter how challenging it is.

Life is a beautifully rich and uplifting experience…let’s constantly remind ourselves of that as we seek to bring transformation to our world.


Lorraine Flower
Lorraine Flower
As a Corporate change agent, consultant, coach and mentor Lorraine founded azzur and is completely transparent about the spiritual principles on which it operates. Alongside her 18 years as azzur’s founder, Lorraine brings 20 years' service industry experience to bear through her senior leadership roles at British Airways (BA) and Great North Eastern Railway (GNER). It is Lorraine's belief in individual and organisational power for good that gives azzur its raison d'etre. azzur and Lorraine specifically has worked with clients across the business spectrum from financial services, to retail and transport to healthcare an in both the public and private sectors. azzur is focused on developing contemporary, spirited leadership capability, and organisations built on inspiring purpose, empowering cultures and a powerful vision and values. She is championing new models of leadership and organisational development founded on the principles of conscious leadership and writes extensively on these topics.She is a member of a number of global spiritual groups and communities serving the greater good of Humanity and the planet. She works and studies extensively in developing and exploring conscious leadership believing that business leaders are key players in transforming the well-being of the planet and humanity as a whole.

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  1. Rushed this morning, and feeling the pulse of anxiety welling up in my chest, I felt like I was a few seconds away from a meltdown. Fortunately, I took a few breaths and made my way out the door. And along the way, I found the bright and beautiful in the morning. Thanks for this reminder, Lorraine. It’s essential to keep it real and to reel it back in, especially when we impede our vision.

  2. Lorraine, I have a friend who says she can find the silver lining in a septic tank. I suspect you have the same gift of insight and positive thinking.

    Thank you for sharing this reminder that we all have enough good in us to find the good in others.

  3. Lorraine – Great reminder that we can find so many moments of joy and wonder in the beauty of the creation that surrounds us – and it is in the little things like you mentioned that catch us by surprise and make us feel alive. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Lorraine, life is full of moments that we treasure. Realizing you woke up and realized your life was renewed is a gift. Nature is a gift so many take for granted. When it comes to work it is not necessary or common to arrive full of joy life. We work to have money to live. It is certainly better to work at something you enjoy doing but unfortunately, that is not always possible. You are being paid a salary and in exchange for that, you are obligated to do as your job description mandates. Having worked in insurance, mortgages, recruiting and merchant cash advance nobody held the title of leader. When I visit clients there is nobody that holds the title of leader. The leader is THE BOSS or your supervisor. Nobody gets paid to be a “leader.” With all due respect, this title is overused. Thank you for writing and sharing your article.