All The Reasons Your Business Needs High Quality SEO

We all know that SEO is essential, right? Important enough to have specialists working on it for us, rather than trying to muddle through with an online guide. However, do you genuinely understand why high-quality SEO can have such a profound positive effect on your business? Can you also justify your spending in this area when needed to others in your business that would instead invest elsewhere? Well, you will be able to if you read the compelling information we have compiled below.

First and foremost, SEO is so important because it makes sure that you can be found online. Being visible online is of significant importance to all types of business in today’s market, whether small or otherwise. After all, 343.15 billion US dollars worth all sales are conducted online a year, and therefore to make the most of this, your business’s site needs to be easily searchable, and visible online.

In particular, you want your business’s site to show up on page one of the search engine results pages, in position 3, 2, or 1 where possible. Why? Well, this is where the majority of click-throughs to sites happen. Therefore if you want to be in with a chance of a potential customer visiting your site, your SEO needs to be strong enough to get you in one of these three positions on page one.

Unfortunately, this is often easier said than done, because while most of the principles of SEO are relatively simple, their execution ruins the gamut between science and art. Yes, that right SEO is not an exact science where you do one thing to your site, and you can guarantee a 5% increase in SERPs.

Of course, that is why it’s so important to entrust this task to experienced professionals such as Conklin Media’s SEO services that can perform a full SEO audit for you. Something that can help you tone up your existing strategies and find new and even more effective ones to ensure you get to that golden 1st-page position.

Everyone uses Google 

OK, so not every single person in the world uses Google, but a considerable number of people do, with over 3.5 billion searches per day being performed, in fact. Therefore, for many, Google is the primary way of searching for things online.

What this means is it makes sense to use SEO for your business that plays into this. After all, good SEO can help you become a trusted and highly valued brand in the eyes of Goggle. Something that in turn will ensure your brand is visible to millions of people, and so has the best chance of being selected when customers come to make a purchase.

SEO Builds Trust & Credibility

On the subject of trust, good SEO can make a significant difference in how customers view your brand. With the prevailing opinion being that, if you are showing up on the first page of the SERPS, then you are likely to be much more legitimate and trustworthy as an organization.

There are even multiple ways that good SEO can help you establish legitimacy and trust as a brand. In particular, any business looking to use SEO to boost the credibility of their brand needs to consider using backlinks.

Backlinking is an off-page SEO technique that links other peoples work and posts to yours. That is another content creator references and connects your site to their content. Backlinks are so valuable because they act sort of like an endorsement system with search engines. What this means is if you have good quality backlinks from other reputable and well-ranked sites your own SEO index will go up, making you easier to find. 

Your customers will benefit from a better experience

Customer experience and SEO are now intertwined. This is because Google now can discern a good customer experience from a poor one. Also, as you will have seen, the SERPs pages have moved to more of an answer based approach with spot zero. The latter being the top spot above the 3, 2, 1 posts that the best businesses are scrambling to occupy right now.

In essence, good SEO has to encompass a positive customer experience, both when searching for your site, and when visiting it. Unsurprisingly, customers also respond well to positive customer experience, so in essence, you are getting a two for one deal. That is with string SEO you boost your chances of being found and please your customers, which are yet more reasons why your business needs it.

Strong SEO will increase your chances of tapping the local market

Being able to serve the local market is something that can have significant benefits for your business. After all, you can keep costs low but cutting down on shipping fees, and for many companies, the local market is their source of primary income.

Of course, the good news is that SEO can help you here as well because if done correctly, local optimization can help your business get in front of customers in your direct proximity.

The main ways that SEO is used to do this is to secure and optimize listings such as Google My Business, Yelp, and other social media sites, as well as your own business’s website and content for local SEO. What this means is making sure there is local specific content such as coverage of recent events, organizations or charities. However, these must fit with and have some link to your business’s brand. Otherwise, it can seem forced.

Additionally, using local terms for keywords, and backlinks from other sites covering local events and products are useful too. The latter can be gained by getting in contact with local organizations and making them aware of the content you have that would fit with theirs.

It’s excellent value for money. 

The chances are that if you are running a business that has any significant success, cost-benefit analysis is part of your process. The thing is that good SEO performs wonderfully in such an analysis, because, as you can see from the rest of this post, it has so many associated benefits. It’s also on the cheaper side compared to other marketing and business strategies you can use, and it works over the long term too. Therefore, good SEO is just a no brainer!

SEO highlight new possibilities 

Finally, another wonderful thing about good SEO is that it can’t be done without finding some true passion both for the market that a brand is operating in, and the brand itself.

Of course, what happens when you immerse SEO and marketing experts within a brand is that they start to see possibilities and additional opportunities that others may have missed. Why does this matter? Well, in a market where the competition online is fierce, and innovation in your marketing and SEO approach can put your head and shoulders above the closest competitor, locating and leveraging new possibilities is a most valuable activity, indeed.

Final thoughts 

There are so many reasons why your brand needs to invest in and implement strong SEO. These include it being essential for building trust and credibility online, as well as being integral to building a better customer experience.

Strong SEO can also help you tap the local market, and it is an excellent value option compared to other strategies. Not, least, good quality SEO will make sure that in a sea of competition, your brand is associated with the right things, and can always be found by potential customers, something that we’d wager that no business can do without.

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