A few months ago, Dennis Pitocco approached me, asking if I’d like to place some of my articles on his site, BIZCATALYST 360°.

I had heard of Dennis – who hadn’t? – but I was surprised and pleased to be asked.

So I sent him some oldies but goodies, wrote a couple of new ones, and enjoyed getting to know a few others in the various groups in the BC360 family by engaging with them and always learning from them.

Fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago (early March 2019), when he asked if I’d like to have my own column.



Let me think about it.

Well, if you insist, Dennis.


Then he told me my column needed a name.

A name? Um … what kind of a name? Like Fred? Adele? Sofia?

I checked out all the other columnists and their columns, and I began to see what he meant. I even went out on LinkedIn, asking for ideas, based on something I finally realized was a little too narrowly thought out for me, or would be over time.

Playing around with concepts, I came up with three or four new names, including “All Things Considered,” which I loved. But I knew I’d heard that title before, and yes. NPR has a show with that name, and although the network might not care if my column were so named, readers who are familiar with it might wonder if there is a connection.

So, in swooped Dennis to save the day (do you hear the music?) with “All in All,” which means pretty much the same thing. It’s the kind of name that doesn’t restrict me from writing about whatever occurs to me, which is what I wanted.

It does indeed take a village – or at least someone with a great idea who is willing to share it. (Thanks, Dennis!)

You will see articles here that Dennis already published for me, but going forward my thoughts are to write mostly about others – people who intrigue me, nonprofits that no one ever heard of before that are making a difference in a small way, for-profit companies doing good works. And yes. I’ll probably write more than a few on American grammar and usage; that is my stock-in-trade, after all.

I hope others will find value in my articles and will let me know by commenting and perhaps sharing them. The village concept holds true here: Each of us is smart, but not always in the same way. Sharing our knowledge helps raise us up to new heights (Josh Groban, anyone?), and I hope you’ll join me on this journey!

All in all, I think this could work well.

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Larry Tyler

Welcome and most of all enjoy.

Johnny Johnston

Love it. All in All. Look forward to reading you thoughts. Wishing you the best!

Raissa Urdiales

Welcome. I look forward to reading your work.

John Dunia

Always looking forward to your articles.

Bharat Mathur

Welcome to the club, Susan; I’m sure you will always have the day etched in your memory when you first got the invitation.

Here begins the journey to new, exhilirating experiences shared by your fellow thinkers, writers, and change-makers.