All Content Matters: Introducing Synopsis 360° 2.0

In our opening series of Synopsis 360° sessions, we studied Isabel Wilkerson’s powerful book, Caste: The Origins of Our Discontent. A great book has the power to stay with you, even after you’ve placed it back on your bookshelf, and Caste is no exception. We all left the conversation with a personal takeaway.

But as powerful as Caste is, getting through it required a fairly big time commitment, and that may have prevented some of you – our BizCatalyst 360° and LinkedIn colleagues – from joining us at “Synopsis 360.” And joining us in discussion was one of our goals in starting Synopsis 360°, so we’re going to change things up a bit.

Introducing Synopsis 360° 2.0

The big shift will be to look at Synopsis 360° not as a book review activity, but as a content review activity.

We’ll still suggest books on occasion, but by curating timely and engaging content in the form of documentaries, TED Talks, podcasts, and articles, we hope to remove limited time as a consideration in joining us.

A second change will be that facilitation will shift from session-to-session. Laura Staley and I will continue to curate content for “Synopsis 360’” but we’ll be joined now by Carol Anderson and Mac BogertOur hope is that others of you will raise your hand and suggest timely content that has the potential to engender lively discussions.

Our Monthly Schedule

We’ll meet on the first Tuesday of every month, starting at NOON EST and each Session will be one-hour.

Our Planned Discussion Topics (click here for all past/future Session Previews)

  • March 2nd – Documentary: Episode 3 of “Why We Hate” led by Carol Anderson. As so many of us seek to understand what is happening to our country, it appears that the bickering is nothing new. This documentary, produced by Steven Spielberg, explores the origins of hate and tribalism to provide context for what is happening today.  Episode 3 is particularly compelling by focusing on the tools and techniques used to foster hate.  If we are to ever move beyond our anger, we need to understand these tools and techniques.
  • April 6th – Podcast: Tim Ferriss interviews historian Doris Kearns Goodwin on Presidential Leadership led by Jeff Ikler. Based on her bookLeadership: In Turbulent Times, Tim and DKG examine the unique leadership footing of the four presidents she’s studied most closely — Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, FDR, and LBJ – “my guys,” as DKG puts it. This is a very timely discussion. DKG is a great storyteller and synthesizer. And what a memory she has! The interview also provides important personal background on DKG.
  • May 4th – YouTube: Earthrise by Amanda Gorman led by Laura Staley. The words spoken by Amanda Gorman in her poem, “Earthrise,” will likely cause you to consider action you can take to honor planet Earth. Join us for a lively discussion around “what can we do” to “rise up for an Earth more than worth fighting for.” We invite you to bring the title of a book, article, podcast episode, or link to a Ted Talk that can further this important discussion.
  • June 1 – Point-Counterpoint Article(s): titles TBD led by Mac Bogert
  • July 6 – Book“We the Corporations: How American Businesses Won Their Civil Rights” led by Carol Anderson  This is a very readable and engaging history of corporate rights dating back to the founding of our country.  While our Constitution declares basic human rights, case law has developed this further over 200+ years and has, somewhat under the radar, scooped up corporations to be included in civil rights protection.  The book leads the reader deftly from our Founding Fathers through the 2010 Citizens United court decision that has placed corporations as major players in our country’s decision-making.
  • August 3TBD– led by guest facilitator
  • September 7TED Talk: TBD led by Jeff Ikler
  • October 5TBD– led by guest facilitator
  • November 2 TBD led by Laura Staley
  • December 7 – TBD– led by guest facilitator

We invite you to participate in any or all of our Synopsis 360° sessions in collaboration with 360° Nation – Just click the button below and select your dates: 



Jeff Ikler
Jeff Ikler
The river that runs through my career lives – as teacher, publisher, coach, podcaster and author – is helping individuals acquire knowledge, skills, and self-awareness so they can better achieve their desired results and impact. • As Director of Quetico Leadership and Career Coaching, I work with individuals and leaders to overcome obstacles and make sustained changes in their behavior. • I co-host the podcast “Getting Unstuck – Shift for Impact,” where I bring to light inspirational stories of transformation in the field of education. • I am the co-author of the soon-to-be-published book for school educators, Shifting: How Educational Leaders Can Create a Culture of Change.

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  1. Kate —
    Welcome! Facilitation will be as easy as 1. selecting a timely piece of content that would have broad appeal; 2. providing pre-discussion questions (no more than 3); 3. welcoming the group; 4. leading a small kick-off conversation; 5. sending folks into breakouts; 6. leading a post breakout conversation. Rinse and repeat if necessary.
    I look forward to your participation.