All Choices Are Thoughts of Love or Fear

Fear is an energy that converges, shuts down, ends, runs away, hides, stores, imitates. Love is an energy that expands, opens, gives birth, stays, exposes, shares, and heals.

Fear traps. Love uplifts.

Fear robs. Love gives.

Fear seizes. Love releases.

Fear hurts. Love heals.

Fear attacks. Love improves.

Every thought, word, or action is based on Fear or Love. We do not have a 3rd choice. It sounds easy to say, but fear often prevails when deciding. Why? We are educated to live in fear.

We were told: the fittest survives, the strongest wins, the smartest succeeds, but rarely heard about the glory of the cutest. So, we do everything to be the most adaptable, strongest, or smartest; or we feel losing – less means failure.

But, when we choose love-oriented actions, it is not only of survival, victory, or success, but the full glory of “who am I and whom can I be”.

We have many teachers around to show, guide and remind us of the truth, but the greatest reminder is the voice within us.

It’s the easiest, loudest and closest sound we can hear. It tells us true or false, right or wrong, good or bad, by our standards. It’s the radar that sets our course, steers the ship, and guides the path.

Listen to the inner voice, show our love!


Helen Qiu
Helen Qiu
I call myself "Innovator and Future Explorer". I believe that who we are determines what we do; and what we give, what we receive. I have an innate passion for how high technology changes human life, and I am interested in transforming the impossible into possible to make our life better in this fast-developing digital age. I care about people. I work hard on aging, mental health, and homeless social matters. I also care about how to inspire our new generation for a brighter future, as they are the ones we are going to count on. I love learning and sharing. I am a big fan of traditional Chinese culture and wisdom. I adapt them in guiding my daily practices. I post articles regarding emotional intelligence, mental health, physical health, inspiration, motivation, business, technology, and educations. While I do yoga and medication to listen to my inner voice, I also call myself a "professional mediator".

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  1. Oh, Helen this is Wonderful!! And I would add that when we can quiet the mind we can hear the “voice” of our hearts and guts. Love always finds a way to LOVE!! Navigate through the body sensations of fear to flow them through and gain center in the quiet consciousness of Love Sweet Love. Yes! Beautiful! I am right with you, Helen! I am a “professional meditator”too as I walk through most of my life experiences in that ‘state” of awareness!! I love you! Keep writing!

    Welcome to BizCatalyst360!!

    • Dear Laura, I am excited to meet another “professional mediator”, this does not happen a lot. 😁😁 When we meditate, put love in front us, feel that bright, it is amazing! I am writing and posting every day on Linkedin, but it is more remarkable to learn all our BIZ360 contributors’ sharings. They are amazing! Love you, Hugs.

    • Thank you, Larry. Virtual coffee time is a good choice ha! I am very happy that you love the poem. Thank you!

  2. Thank you, Dennis; thank you, all BIZCATALYST360 friends!

    This is an amazing new day for me. And I am humble enough to be among all of you here, to post, to like, to comment, and to vibrate with each of you. I would unconditionally dedicate in sharing my knowledge and experiences with all of you and I wish to hear from you and work with you. We are the ones to transform the impossible into possible.

    Good Sunday morning!

  3. Lovely article Helen. Every emotion is a human emotion, and each is necessary in it’s proper time and place. Of course we must always let love rule in our hearts, but sometimes fear teaches us how to love in times of despair. It’s simply recognizing the difference that makes us well-rounded beings… 🙏

    • When we start to realize how love and fear alternatively take place in certain circumstances, we can make a better judgment in choosing our actions and words.

    • I am so happy you enjoy my article, Darlene. And for sure I will keep posting. That’s going to keep Dennis very busy. 🙂 Haha!

  4. Helen – Welcome to the BC360 family. Here you will find respectful engagement and encouragement from your fellow authors and readers. In the end, wonderful friendships will be formed that will become special to you. Your first article is a good introduction.

    • Thank you for the kind and encouraging words, Len. I will make sure all these good things to happen to me as you are stating here. Where there is a will, there is a way!!! Stay in touch and I have sent Dennis a publishing waitlist of my articles… Hahaha

  5. Helen, thank you for writing and sharing your article. While I enjoyed reading the entire article I particularly liked your poem. There is much we can live without but love is not one of those things. Let me welcome you to the BC360 family. You will not only find talented writers here but more importantly, you will meet some extraordinary people who will become cherished friends. Please stay safe and well.

    • Thank you for the heartful welcoming, Joel! It is very kind of you. I has always been my greatest eadure to be connected with talented and extraordinary people. My wish is with only me I can do a little a day, but with all of us turning our mind together, we can transform the impossible into possible. 😃❤️💓💪🙏 Thank you again.

    • Thank you for the heartful welcome, Joel! It is very kind of you. It has always been my greatest pleasure to be connected with talented and extraordinary people. My wish is with only me I can do a little a day, but with all of us turning our mind together, we can transform the impossible into possible. 😃❤️💓💪🙏 Thank you again.

    • Helen, thank you for your response. Now more than ever as we are forced to be physically apart must we connect with each other to lift or help each other any way we can.