Aligning with Our Purpose

Have you ever felt like your back was out of alignment? Maybe your neck or back was sore all day or you hurt so much at night that you couldn’t find a comfortable sleeping position no matter what. These are possible signs that your spine is out of alignment. It doesn’t feel very good!

Alignment means to line up, to be in sequence with whatever you are aligning to. In the case of our spines, a chiropractor or physical therapist can help bring your spine back into alignment so there is proper flow of inner body information. When we are out of structural alignment in our bodies, it is a lot like when a hose is kinked and the water doesn’t flow nearly as strong as when it is straight. The same is true for when our cars are out of alignment.

You may not have thought of it, but alignment also has to do with our personal and professional lives. That’s true!  There is a huge difference in the bottom line of companies whose mission and purpose align with their daily business practices. The same concept applies to our family and personal relationships.

We will have a greater sense of fulfillment and success in life when we are aware of what our personal mission and purpose is and align all of our activities and communications with it on a daily basis. Getting into alignment with what we want to accomplish personally and professionally will dramatically enhance our overall happiness.

Could it be time to review your alignment? Go back to the overarching mission and vision of what it is you want to accomplish: in life, in your business, in your family, in your relationships. Are all of your activities and communications aligned with it? If not, what do you need to do to get into alignment? Probably the most important question we can ask ourselves, from a personal as well as a professional standpoint, is: Am I fully in alignment with the way my life is right now? Do I have as much energy and enthusiasm for my world as I desire? Am I aligned with my mission and vision?

We can dramatically improve our well-being if we take the time to notice any areas in our life where our hose is kinked and energy is not flowing, and then take the steps necessary to unkink it.

Aligning our activities with our purpose allows the flow of life to move more cleanly and smoothly through every aspect of our life.

In case you hadn’t noticed, we are in some seriously changing times on this planet. So, now is the time to shift, shift, shift – not indiscriminately, of course, but shift ourselves into alignment with the highest good for our life, our family, our relationships, our professional world, and our community. In becoming better aligned, we just might be surprised to find how much more joy is coming through our personal pipeline.


Darity Wesley
Darity Wesley
DARITY Wesley is an award-winning author, lawyer, speaker, Death Diva, and Wisdom Sharer. She recently concluded a 35-year legal career and is now focusing full time on publishing books, articles, podcasts, and videos that provide inspiration and support to those seeking personal and professional empowerment and transformation. She has traveled the evolutionary, metaphysical, esoteric, and personal development path for many decades and is a powerful resource for the application of evolving consciousness, which so many on this planet are experiencing at this time. Darity is the author of four books: You Can Transform Your Life and the You Can Transform Your Life ~ Go Deeper workbook, and How To Be the REAL You and the How To Be the REAL You ~ Go Deeper workbook. She is also the featured author in The Word Search Oracle: Yoga for the Brain, and a contributing author to Inspired Wisdom Word Search: Yoga for the Brain, Life Wisdom Word Search: Yoga for the Brain, and 27 Flavors of Fulfillment. She also offers private personal, professional, and spiritual consultation. Darity has been providing inspirational messages to subscribers around the world since 2006 and is currently offering a FREE monthly publication called ~Wisdom for the New Reality~. Visit her website to sign up! You can also visit her Tame That Monkey Mind TM website at And follow her on Facebook, Twitter and her YouTube channel @DarityWesley.

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