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Such content is generally defined as substantive industry Articles matching our established three-prong Editorial criteria – significance, relevance, and industry application – and in the opinion of the BC360° Editorial team would provide reasonable added-value to our broad, professional audience. See our Pricing & Guidelines


Available Ad Sizes and Rates for sponsorship on the Right Sidebar of our Content Pages are as presented below. A one-time, upfront $150. set-up charge will apply to NEW Clients only. All ads are Flat Rate pricing only based on Style/Size and length of commitment.

(A) 300 x 250 PREMIUM BLOCK
PREMIUM BLOCK Ads appear in the Top Right Sidebar on ALL Content Pages. Pricing for this Ad Unit is $750.00 per month, with a 10% discount for upfront purchase of three months or more.
STANDARD BLOCK Ads (appear below the Top Right Sidebar position) are also available at a cost of $650. per month, with a 10% discount for upfront purchase of three months or more.



PREMIUM SKYSCRAPER Ads appear in the TOP Right Sidebar on all Content Pages, capturing twice the vertical Ad space as above. Pricing for this Ad Unit is $1150 per month, with a 10% discount for upfront purchase of three-months or more.
STANDARD SKYSCRAPER Ads (below the Top Right Sidebar position) are also available at cost of $750. per month, with a 10% discount for upfront purchase of three months or more.









OPTIMUM VISIBILITY Appears at the top of our Home Page and all Content Pages. Pricing for this Ad Unit is $950. per month, with a 10% discount for upfront purchase of 3-months or more.
Actual size is shown below. Actual positioning is shown below. See our Home Page for “live” example.


  • Maximum animation time is 15 seconds (includes up to 3 loops)
  • Rich media units require user initiated expansion
  • The sound must be user-initiated
  • All click-throughs must open in a new browser window
  • Ads cannot be disguised as news or mimic site functionality
  • Maximum file size is (30)K
  • Max number of Sponsors per placement is three (3)
  • Flash Ads and animated GIFs OK
  • Ads with white backgrounds must have a black 1×1 pixel border around the edge of the design
Ad Changes/Rotation
  • BC360° will accommodate Ad Changes/Rotation in accordance with the following; No changes for one month contract; three (3) Ads for a six-month contract; six (6) Ads for a twelve-month contract.
Advertising Policies
  • As the publisher, BC360° reserves the right to refuse any advertising on the basis of editorial discretion and to terminate advertising at any time for any reason, with a pro-rata refund of advance payments received.
  • Ads will be inserted on the first day of each month.
  • Customer supplied artwork must adhere to any and all trademark and copyright laws.
  • Sponsor branding, i.e., logo or name, must appear on all advertising.
  • Advertising is sold on a first come, first served basis.
  • Ads with white backgrounds must have a black 1 × 1 pixel border around the edge of the design
  • All advertisements that are accepted and incorporated into the publisher’s website are inserted on the representation that the Sponsor and the Sponsor agency are properly authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof.
  • The Sponsor and/or agency indemnify and hold harmless from and against any loss or expense arising out of publishing that advertisement, including, but without limitation, those resulting from claims or suits libel, violation of rights of privacy, plagiarism, and copyright infringement.
  • BC360° reserves the right to reject, discontinue, or omit any advertisement or part thereof.
  • Prepayment is required for all advertisements. Sponsor and/or Sponsor agency are jointly and severally liable for such monies due and payable to the publisher. All advertisement purchases are non-refundable, beyond BC360° cancellation refunds discussed herein.
  • Sponsor and/or Sponsor agency may end an advertisement at any time during the contracted date; however, Sponsor will not receive any refund for prepaid advertisements that Sponsor and/or Sponsor agency choose to cancel. BC360° may terminate the agreement at any time. In the event that BC360° terminates the agreement, a pro-rata refund will be issued.
  • Cancellations must be submitted in writing and received ten (10) business days prior to the date of publication on the BC360° website.
  • Sponsor and/or Sponsor agency have read and understood the terms of this agreement as acknowledged and evidenced by the purchase of Advertising, and have the authority to do the same.

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