Advantages of an On Board Courier

Businesses and people ship and receive packages of varying sizes every single day.  Many of the items shipped are of extreme import to the receiver. The Postal Service has existed for decades and is a good option for shipping. There are also numerous private shipping companies whose rates and services vary as they compete with each other. The better ones are trustworthy and will get your package where it needs to be on time. There are occasional delays because of weather or other reasons, but many of these shipping firms have excellent track records. But for the most important packages, you may want to consider using an on board courier.

The On Board Courier

An on board courier is a person whose job is to remain on call throughout a work shift to deliver a letter or package anywhere in the world. These range from bicycle messengers, common in big cities, who ride from office to office throughout their cities, delivering vital messages and packages, up through couriers who will take a commercial airline flight to cities all over the globe. On board couriers are engaged by large businesses for the safe delivery of their most important and valuable items. There are several advantages offered by an on board courier.

Personal Care of the Item

Businesses often ship items of great monetary value. Though they can be insured, the loss or theft of these items can be costly, in both money and time. Sometimes, a message will contain sensitive information that could wreak havoc if it fell into the wrong hands. An on board courier keeps the package with them on the plane, to and from the airport, and at every other step of the way until it is personally handed to the recipient. This helps prevent loss, damage or theft and can give the shipper peace of mind that the package will get to the right destination.

Faster Clearance Through Customs

When shipping internationally, all packages and their paperwork must be inspected by customs. When shipped using a standard service, this can be a time-consuming process, adding a day or more to the total shipping time and often leading to delays. With a courier watching the package at all times, the customs process is streamlined. The courier is present to answer any questions customs agents may have concerning the paperwork. The process is easier and faster and the package is much less likely to be delayed.

Status Updates

Although most shipping companies provide status updates on their websites, these updates are only available as the package reaches each point along the way to its final destination. The package is scanned upon arriving at and departing from each facility. An on board courier can provide status updates by request. The courier has the package and a means of communication. Thus, you can find out where your package is at any time during its journey.

In addition to the USPS, there are many shipping companies. Many do an excellent job. But for the most expensive, most vital, letters and packages, an on board courier offers many advantages that make it the best option.

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