Adjusting to Your New Work-From-Home Life

Times have been changing on us fairly rapidly, and with that comes the most notable change for many employees and parents – we now have to work from home (some of us with kids around as well). Though not having to leave the house to make an income can come with a lot of perks, there is no denying that working from home is going to be much different than physically going into an office. It takes some bit of an adjustment. If you found yourself newly working from inside the home, here are some tips to help you make the best of the situation and create a functional working space.

Stick to a Schedule as Much as Possible

There are some jobs that will come with a set schedule, which is great. But, there are also a lot that offer the flexibility to make your own hours which can make consistency a bit difficult. Try to stay as consistent as possible if you are granted flexibility. This way you will have a clear idea of when the workday starts and ends. This is helpful when you need to separate your personal free time from your working time so they don’t all blur together. This will help you to have a more productive workday and better manage your time so all of your tasks get completed on time.

Don’t Stray Far From Your Normal Routine

When you work at home, your commute consists of walking down your hallway which can make it kind of hard to get into a working mindset. It’s hard to start a productive day when you have literally gotten out of bed and walked a few feet. Give yourself enough time before you sit down and get to work to go through your usual routine. Get ready as you would if you were physically going into work. Wake up at the same time, shower, eat breakfast, make coffee, and whatever else usually helps you get ready for work. And, just because you can work in your pajamas does not mean that you should.

Organize Your Workspace

The way that you organize your space can make working from home either easier or more difficult. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Set up your office in a room with few distractions
  • Put your phone away so you won’t want to look at it all day
  • Declutter your space. The more stuff on your desk, the more stressed and distracted you can become
  • Work at a desk with an actual chair, not the couch
  • Make sure all of your technology is taken care of and ready to go. If you need additional support with this you can contact Tech Squared to make working at home run more smoothly

Though times are changing a bit at the moment, and schedules are being impacted, you can make the best of it. It is important to stick to keeping things as normal as possible and make the transition to working from home easier on you and your family.

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