Adapt or Stall – The Key to a Successful Business in a Changing World

In order to succeed in digital marketing, being open to learning and adapting as quickly as possible is crucial to business success and growth.  To stall is not an option, so platforms offering information such as courses in MBA in Digital Business Management give you the ability to think outside the box, innovate in an uncertain and changing marketplace, as well as to develop suitable corporate business models. Thanks to these kinds of tools, is easier to revolutionize and transform, however, strategy and analysis are your allies when innovating.

For example, have you ever heard the name Blockbuster? Well, it was one of the most crucial video shops of its time. One day, the company received an offer of buying a streaming platform, however, the offer was rejected as it did not seem like a business worth investing in. Just one year later, the streaming platform that was rejected by Blockbuster would cause the beginning of its decline in the market with its innovative model; its name is Netflix, so, how can we avoid falling into obsolescence?

Think outside the box

A mistake made by Blockbuster was that they did not think outside the box, so, to stay ahead of the competition, being open to innovative ideas and/or thinking about them will help us to stay afloat in the business world.

Alternately, can you imagine that Douglas Engelbart would never have thought of creating the computer mouse? If you didn’t know the history of this little device, the engineer Engelbart had in mind to create it with the sole purpose of improving the communication between humans and machines, giving way to the possibility of adding additions such as a graphical interface and imagining a world of diverse opportunities.

An object that at first seems insignificant and simple, but which gave rise to endless possibilities for human interaction with this technological device. Therefore, if you consider that an idea is insignificant, keep in mind the history of the mouse, which, being a simple think outside the box idea was able to change history.

Following trends

As an entrepreneur, you know that keeping up to date with trends is a parameter to maintaining and sustaining your business. However, it is important to acknowledge that not all trends apply to what your business can offer, so whenever you are investigating what will revolutionize and transform the world, think outside the box about what represents the best for your company and your customer.

Let’s keep in mind that following trends also requires constant learning, i.e., being willing to be informed every day about what will be the next idea or product that could change the world, as well as being able to identify what is worth investing time and money in.

As we can see, adaptability and innovation are essential for our business, as they are not only ideas that work well individually, being combinable allows us to think outside the box, of creative ways of creating a new product, improving an old one, or simply inventing a model that revolutionizes and transforms the history of mankind.

Change may seem scary, but it is scarier to stay stuck.


Janet Sernack
Janet Sernack
JANET loves change, as it creates opportunities for growth and development, as well as unexpected, deviant, imaginative and creative responses. She is passionate about creating and delivering innovative learning, coaching and consulting programs to coaches, leaders and organizations. Janet has gained her consulting, education, facilitation, training and executive coaching skills, from over 30 years of experience in the consulting; manufacturing and retailing; learning and development businesses in Australasia and Israel. She has personally experienced challenging career and lifestyle changes; which have provided her with a serious amount of chutzpah and resilience, and a wide breadth of knowledge, skills and experience: She has a fresh and pragmatic perspective towards corporate learning that is holistic and systemic.

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