Adapt and Grow This Year

Over the last year, the attempts to divide and conquer have become more obvious than ever before. People who may have been in denial that such arrogant and sociopathic behavior exists in corporate agendas and world politics are beginning to stand up for what is right, perhaps not even knowing what that is.

The behavior of our American government has declined into chaos and many are pointing fingers at each other. How is that working? For some reason, we continue to believe we are separate from each other and the aberrant behavior has nothing to do with us. It does. We’ve supported it, either willingly or unwillingly by remaining silent.

In the 21st century now, we still act like immature hooligans toward each other and it is on display for everyone to see so there can be no argument about it. It’s just how it is right now, today. Change. What about change? It’s frightening to many if not most people.

We don’t have training on how to adapt and grow; ascend from the fear to find freedom and the ability to do the right things. Our world is being torn apart. How is it done and who is putting it back together in some better fashion that serves everyone? If we cannot identify those latter folks, then it’s time we made some serious changes in how we see ourselves and the leadership we allow to be guiding our communities, states, and nation. Afraid of a New World Order that seeks to control and dominate?

Get off your couch and do something in your community to make a difference. Do something to build a healthier community instead of sitting in your walled communities, not even knowing your neighbors. We have become so self-centered and selfish in our behavior that we’ve forgotten what it is like to be caring, compassionate, and concerned about our children’s children’s children’s future.

Change is indeed frightening, even though we know it is necessary. Chaos to order has been perceived as arduous in a similar fashion, and in the midst of chaos, fear is the most prevalent.

We think of the journey from chaos to order as arduous. It is not. In fact, moving out of chaos is an enjoyable journey, beginning with the first step and supported afterward by the unseen hand that has guided us all along. It becomes an awe-inspiring meandering through the process, different and fulfilling for each person.

These aren’t just words. I’ve made the shift and am on a trajectory that inspires me daily, affects my attitude with gratitude and it’s shared with my wonderful wife, who is also deeply engaged in the process. Yes, having support surely makes a difference. It was an independent journey for decades.

Consider two people from opposite sides of the world, raised with seemingly diametrically opposed governmental ideals, coming together through a kind of cosmic conspiracy. We’ve found harmony in bridging differences by focusing on what we know is the same in everyone, simply the desire to love and to be loved unconditionally. What is it that assists you in loving so profoundly?


Zen Benefiel
Zen Benefiel
Zen says his life has been spiced with personal and professional opportunities that came through his nurturing of faith, love, and trust that dreams do come true. What built that faith, love, and trust began as an orphan told of his adoption just after his 4th birthday. The spice continued with experiences that span the gamut of the paranormal and include off-planet engagements over a lifetime. Can you say outlier? With two Master’s degrees and multiple certifications as well as an interesting professional history ( his passion turned to transformational life coaching just after the turn of the century, having become a rather astute cognitive scientist with extraordinary insight and intuition, he transformed Be The Dream (founded in 1988) from the intention of bridging best business and spiritual practices to a reality that has served hundreds. A decade and a half of writing was filled with cathartic wonders. His gifts are useful for Team Partnering as well, facilitating people, places, and things to build mega-structures with pre-construction teambuilding sessions. Divorced with four children, 9 grandkids, and 2 great-grandsons, he remarried after 30 years. Luba is from St. Petersburg, Russia, and their meeting, both agree, was a cosmic conspiracy of destiny, spiritual compatibility, and future vision of a newly ordered world in harmony with natural order. After 47 years of preparation, and stepping into what feels like fulfilling destiny, he recently became the Executive Director of the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement that is inspiring the world now.

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  1. Speaking of how we choose to live, Luba and I got a copy of Klauss Schwab’s book: COVID 19: The Great Reset ( Many condemn the book out of hand, imho, probably just because of the title and people are afraid.

    Schwab is the Founder and Executive Director of the World Economic Forum, and just might know a thing or two. I found something of great interest in his exploration of individual resets, speaking of the forced isolation, whether in an apartment or palatial mansion:

    “A variety of such observations have prompted not only social commentators but also the general public itself to ponder whether the pandemic succeeded in bringing the best out of us and in so doing triggering a search for higher meaning. Many question came to mind, like: Might the pandemic give birth to better selves and to a better world? Will it be followed by a shift in values? Will we become more willing to nurture our human bonds and more intentional about maintaining our social connections? Simply put: will we become more caring and compassionate?”

    We’ve learned how to divide ourselves. Can we learn how to bring ourselves back together? It’s a simple choice, made over and over, to focus on what connects us and not what separates us. Will we make it?