Accepting God’s Love

Accepting that God loves us. And believing in the power of God’s love, we come to him step by step. Learning. We are worthy, and we eventually simply accept the gift. Relishing in God’s love and being open to change. We try to learn to teach as Jesus did. Love and learning help us feel whole. No more worrying about things. God clothes the lilies and they don’t worry. God feeds the birds and they don’t worry. They only have access to the gifts from God. We are his children, God loves us and offers us the same.

We are on a journey. All of us, are here to bring light and help to others. This is why we write to touch the heart or give a kind word.

Have you read “The Purpose Driven Life”? It touched my heart again to realize the dream of being a philanthropist. When I was 8 or 9 I saw a show on TV where someone was gifting things to poor people. I don’t remember who it was that set my goal for life.

Through God’s love, I learned that we are to be of service. Through the “Purpose Driven Life,” my passion is to help others. This was gifted or assigned to me when I wanted to learn why. We are meant to love what we do to serve. I love that I could help my eighty-year-old choir friend achieve her goal of not hating to have her picture taken. I love seeing the energy my church organist has interacting with people because he feels better. I love that I can help people feel better and digest better, and have more energy.

I asked why, after watching my grandma suffer, knowing she asked for surgery to be able to walk. She did not receive the surgery. She languished in a nursing home for 20 years. There were more questions when my father couldn’t walk.  When my mother and I could no longer care for him, and lift him, he languished in a nursing home for 3 years and died of pneumonia sepsis.  Why did this occur? Was it something passed through the family like heart disease? What was it?

Then I was offered a carrier test and found I had the Lou Gehrig’s gene. I was encountering pain and was having difficulty walking at the same age as my father and grandmother. Not wanting to suffer in a nursing home, I started my search to not have pain, and not encounter the disability of my dad and his mother. I had projects to finish and things to read. I adopted the burning desire of wanting to help people age well. Going through the process of finding which foods would help me not hurt, and help me feel full, I discovered why many people have decided to adopt a version of the process I created to discover the foods with the nutrients they need to feel fit at any age.

Then two cousins died. One was asked if Lou Gehrig’s ran in our family and I knew it from the carrier test I took. I discovered doctors and advice in various places, applied it to my life, and felt better. I believe what I have learned because I need to help aging people feel better, age better, and be able to continue their businesses with vitality and excitement! Understanding why disease occurs and eating to prevent it.

I believe we all can benefit from this information. My 80-year-old friend said this did not work, and lost 115 pounds going through the process. She also sleeps 7-8 hours up from her usual 5-6 and has cured her diverticulosis. My dentist wanted to learn the process. He has lost 30 pounds and has cured his burning mouth syndrome. My Medical Tech and Microbiology friend Sallie has gone through the process and we worked through this together. Thank goodness for science friends to corroborate the process. It works.

There is help. You deserve to overcome your concerns and worries. It is right to learn so you can serve your businesses and live the life you love.


Kristi Tornabene
Kristi Tornabene
As an aging health coach, I entered menopause and started here. There were some changes as I lost energy, gained pain, and subsequently improved digestion. Digestion came to a slow stop, and to get it going again, I discovered that our best proteins, and nutrient-dense vegetables, plus a little bit of olive oil or ghee help us feel full and can cut hunger. There may come a time when you are hungry a lot. Supplying your necessary nutrients will help you feel less hungry and will keep your metabolic processes running efficiently. Helping you maintain your best weight and optimum health. How do I know this at my age? My husband is 84 and is not eating nutrient-dense vegetables and has dirtied his genes. This causes aging. I have the same gene which caused pain for my grandma and her son, my father. I discovered early how this dirty gene can cause problems because I was born with a dirty gene. I have answers for remedying pain and overcoming IBS and keeping my energy because I worked to eliminate these issues in my body so I could feel fit at the age of 68. I became a Medical Technologist and Microbiologist which taught me how a hospital tests for diseases, and what happens when electrolytes are out of balance. I found some doctors that explained why disease can happen. I developed recipes to overcome and supply nutrients. I help people feel fit at any age.

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