Abundance Is A Feeling

“Abundance flows when I allow my heart to open wide and feel the love, that is within.”

~ Suzie

Abundance is a feeling, we are surrounded by abundance every day, sometimes we don’t see the small things that do create abundance. If we raise our awareness we be in the feeling of abundance. We need to embrace the feeling of being abundant by celebrating in the moment when we notice the abundance flowing in.

Today I am celebrating my abundance with you at my place of happiness, healing and abundance, yes the beach. ?

I know when I first started on this journey to abundance and I met my mentor Michael Losier, the author of Law of Attraction, The Science of Getting More of What You Do Want and Less of What You Don’t , he gave me an abundance exercise  to do, on becoming truly conscious of the abundance in my life. I became so much more aware of the abundance that i already had in my life.

When we feel abundant we raise our vibes and attract more of what we do want in our lives.When we block out abundance, yes we do when we think negative thoughts, are surrounded by negative people, we lower out vibes and the Law of Attraction matches that.

When you release all thoughts of lack, of not being enough, abundance flows.When you release all thoughts of lack, of not being enough, abundance flows.

What do you do each day that gives you the feeling of abundance?

love and abundance always


Suzie Cheel
Suzie Cheel
Suzie Cheel is the Abundance Queen. Artist, Healer, Intuitive Transformational Leader and Heart-Centered Entrepreneur. Suzie is passionate about empowering lightworkers, creatives and heart-centered entrepreneurs shine their light, step into leadership by being true to themselves, opening their hearts to love and creating wealth in all areas of their lives. Then they can leave legacies of love that create true freedom and peace in the world. Suzie is the creator of the Heart Whisper Daily Guidance Oracle Cards that were born out of her own healing journey and help people learn each day to truly love themselves. Find out more at

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  1. LOVED this article, the video, the starfish that our esteemed editor chose for your headline image and the artwork about abundance from the heart. It was EXACTLY the reminder I needed after getting knocked sideways this morning by an unexpected verbal attack.

    This is really helping, Suzie. In fact, it’s given me several ideas for the journaling I plan to do later (that won’t be venting about what happened, it will be for celebrating my abundance).

    By the way, did I hear you say Kirra Beach? I was born Stateside but lived in Australia for 25 years. Still miss it! Coolangatta is only about 3 hours drive from one of the places I lived (Coffs Harbour).

    • Milli love reading that it is helping you. Yes journaling on abundance is empowering. Yes you did, I live on the border at Tweed Heads 10 minute walk to Kirra beach. I was in Coffs in June and I used to sell my textile artwear years ago. there . Where do you live now? xo

    • I came back to the States in 1997 to be with my mom before she died. Right now I live in Tucson, Arizona. I’m here for six months of the year taking care of a house, pool and black cat. I’m a house sitter so I move around a lot. Will be spending the winter a bit south of Denver, Colorado taking care of a calico cat and a Tuxedo cat while their human does her yearly travels.

    • Arizona, I have only flown over and of course want to go to Sedona. I understand spending time with patents- dis the same for both of my parent in Canberra- that was before we left Sydney. The house sitting sounds like fun xo

  2. Suzie, your article on BIZCAT360 is beautiful and looks so professional! Congratulations! The artwork is stunning. What I love so much about abundance as a feeling is it is contagious. Share the love. Thanks for the reminders.

    • Kat I love that : the feeling it is contagious. Thanks for the praise on my artwork- makes me want to het it our more widely. xo

    • “What I love so much about abundance as a feeling is it is contagious.”

      Great thought, Kat, and very quotable. 🙂

    • Thanks, Milli Thornton, it is one of those things in life you aim to catch and pass on to other wonderful people like you.

  3. Very very nice Suzie, I enjoyed the vlog, makes me wish I was there at the beach. I have an abundance of trees where I am and lots of nature and wild things, I am so grateful to look out my kitchen window and see 5 big fat turkeys walking in my yard today, I go out and see birds teaching their young to fly, lots of chirping going on, some hawks making lazy circles in the sky and there is a deer grazing in the field with my horse. I feel abundantly blessed.

    • Candi thank you for sharing you abundance, I felt like I was there with you , great picture of abundance you created. The abundance of nature is truly magical xo

    • Wow, Candi, where you live sounds awesome! I’m happy to know you are (and feel) abundantly blessed.

    • Lynn yes when we are secure in our own abundance we can more readily open our heart to those who have less and even encourage them to step into their own abundance xx