… About God

I have always wondered why prayers aren’t simple. In many cultures, prayers turn out to be long rituals. One specific ritual that prevails is ‘sacrifice’.

Every prayer, especially congregations, festivals, and masses have one, inevitably.  From serving rice puddings to beheadings cattle, or sometimes even humans, sacrifices range from banal to bizarre. It is hard to pick on the specifics, which I shall refrain from; but it is curious to see how ‘sacrifices’ happen.

Expression of gratitude is sometimes a mere gesture, and on other occasions, it could be a few words; but for God, we see that they are packaged in prayers – this, we have seen already.

Now, how many times we have sent a ‘thank you card’ with ‘flowers’ and ‘chocolates’?  Have you seen some of us send cookies, special cakes, etc., as ‘return gifts’?  Return gifts are symbolic, yet a ‘material’ expression of this gratitude.

Beyond the chants, mantras, sermons, and prayers, the praying groups wish to give a ‘return gift’ in a material form. The simple to savage offerings are nothing but return gifts in material form to the higher power that is seen as the giver of their hopes.

The rituals are these wishes made into practices over time.


Is God male or female?

Most of our visualizations have always gravitated towards male forms of God. I don’t want to tackle religious views here, but there is a patriarchal slant in our perceptions about God.

If God has one form – the higher power – it has to be a giver, a listener, and gracious.

Wait, it seems that we have someone among us already like that.

Our mothers. Aren’t they givers, listeners, and gracious? I don’t see a disagreement here.

The easy answer is God is female.

I have seen the male leaders – the humans in our lifetime – and universally we know how they end up. I am not saying that men are lesser, but you know how patriarchal thoughts are. I say this at the cost of stereotyping, but if the question was to identify a stereotype, so would the answer be.

Men are takers, by and large. Women are givers. Again, I may be stereotypical, but in my excuse, I was just trying to answer the question without sugar coating.


The final question that comes to my mind.  Is there God?  If so, show me.

I think I have already answered that question.

God is giving, listening and gracious. If you, give, listen, and are graceful, you are in love.

Love is a giving emotion. Love binds us with life. Loves thrives on hope and prayers. Love flames desire. Love liberates at the same time. Love accepts but it also lets go.

If you are in love, you are a God. Now add yourself to the complex layers from the second article, you will lose yourself in the joy of being in love and being God. S

So where were we?  The question of ‘Is there God?’

Go figure.



Ashok Subramanian
Ashok Subramanian
Ashok Subramanian is a Poet and Fiction Author based in Chennai, India. Ashok has been writing blogs and content since 2011. From technology and management articles, and to website content, Ashok has written articles on businesses, finance, funding, capital markets, management, strategy, and sustainability over the years. His poems and articles, which were published in blogs got a publishing turn when he had time in hand to put together his poetry and short story collections. He publishes short stories and poetry reviews regularly in his blog. His published works so far: a) Maritime Heritage of India - Contributing Writer - b) Poetarrati Volume 1 &2: Self-published on Amazon in Kindle and Paperback; Ranked #8 in Amazon Hot Releases in May 2020. c) A City Full of Stories: A Short fiction Collection based on people and events of Mumbai: Self-published in Amazon in Kindle and Paperback. d) Poetarrati Ponder 2020 - A collection of Poem Reviews He is currently working with his creative advisor and publisher on his next poetry collection. His second short story collection about Kolkata, India, and his first novel are in the manuscript stage. He is a graduate in Engineering from Madurai Kamaraj University, India, and a post-graduate in Management from IIM Calcutta, India. He currently runs Strategic Advisory and Investment Banking companies headquartered in Bengaluru. He lives with his wife Gayathri and son Anirudh in Chennai, India.

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