A Walk in the Countryside Hand in Hand with Nature (Chapter 2)

Accompany me on a journey; a walk, a stroll, pausing to assimilate the wonders of Winchester’s surrounding countryside; rivers, water meadows and trees galore.

Nature’s heaven is here forever, but often overlooked. Not the wide vistas, panoramic views, and beyond, but a closer more intimate appreciation of the Universe that hides behind open eyes; often freed when eyes closed.

Walk with me; become aware of Nature’s life-giving, almost surreal ability to cleanse senses; emancipation of heart and soul to drift amongst tree-lined pathways, magnificent trees, their branches reaching for the Heaven. Blessed upon the world, serenity and tranquility, but alive with myriad forms of life.

The River Itchen flows by and St. Catherine’s Hill beckons, tempting walkers to climb to the copse of trees at the top‎.

Having seen St. Catherine’s Hill at distance,  from St. Giles’ Hill,  it looks inviting; tempting walkers/climbers to take the steps up to the summit.

Blessed with trees overlooking wildflowers, scenes of distant hills, and closer to home; Winchester, its Cathedral rising up out of the purity of a green landscape.

Looking up at a canopy of trees, sunlight twinkles through high branches and leaves, caressing the crown, glistening ever moving in harmony.

Standing looking around, not wishing to walk down to the reality of humanity, roads, and autos, we allow our minds to wander until another level of consciousness visits. Temptation. Persuading us to sit down and reflect on the edge of the copse itself. Infinity once more creating access for a heavenly angel.

Being at one with Nature, sensing something surreal, our eyes gently flutter and close, awakening many more senses and feelings; creating a platform for Archangel Ariel; Nature’s angel to bless us with her aura.

She hovers close by; not speaking, no sounds, her presence projecting a sense of synergy with Mother Nature; of beauty, of purity. We resonate with her.  Vibes projecting a love of Nature in her care. Guardian angel, her wings a glint of gold. We sit transfixed, but not in a fearful way; her presence opens a door to unknown emotions; dimensions.

Our senses are calmed by her divine inspiration. A feeling of relaxation, enveloped by an angel’s presence.‎ An empathy of two minds becomes one. A silent voice visits our subliminal consciousness. Archangel Ariel has offered to guide us. No audible words, soundless. She gently floats above to the canopy of trees; our hearts follow the Divine angel to ground level as she presents us to the riverside transforming supreme imagination into reality.

The water is calm and clear. Reflections in the river, deep as the sky is infinite. All is calm and peaceful, serene and full of the grace of optimism and gratitude.

And so our eyes slowly open where we find ourselves sitting ‎by the river Itchen.

Do we see less with our eyes open? Closing the eyes attracts; enhance other senses; hidden senses.

Such feelings, seem unreal following such a visitation. Was it real? A dream? The memory of walking down the hill to the river bank is erased, but floating down is vivid in the mind. Floating?

An awakening. A gentle resumption of reality opens our hearts with optimism; positivity and kindness.

So here we are, sitting by the River Itchen, staring at infinity. There are no limits. The closer to Nature we become, the more the world expands.

The Universe is our kingdom, our hearts a synapse to a level of purity and a desire to be kind. To give, to be gentle.


Simon Lever
Simon Lever
Prior to his retirement, Simon engaged in software and services sector search and recruitment for American companies around Europe. He has retained the enjoyment of engaging with people from other countries and cultures. His energies are now directed towards voluntary community activities, journaling, and exhibition stewardship. He is a Featured Contributor for BizCatalyst 360°. As an Exhibition Steward, at the 1000-year-old Winchester Cathedral, he is responsible for guiding visitors from the world over, around the award-winning 'Kings and Scribes Exhibition', which includes the 900-year-old Winchester Bible. The exhibition introduces visitors to Winchester's historical significance as a former capital of England. Simon's journaling activities are published on BizCatalyst 360° and accompanying posts on LinkedIn, He acknowledges the inspiration afforded him by Carol Campos of Massachusetts: Life Strategist, Writer, and Intuitive Business Leader who introduced him to writing with feeling; from the heart. Simon's forté is creative writing; the accent on the natural environment, transforming feelings, emotions, sights, sounds, and scents of Mother Nature's landscape; hills and rivers and woodland into words, transporting the reader to the locations. Essays include accounts of his life in former days. Instinctively writing in such a spontaneous manner, descriptions become life-like. His often emotionally charged writing, whether describing a surreal 'Son et Lumière' at the Grand Place in Brussels to experiences acquired during European business travel. Journaling and Exhibition Steward activities are his key sources of inspiration and creativity. Kindness is ever more important, where he is a promoter of Shelly Elsliger PPCC's 'Decide to be Kind' Campaign. Simon champions Positivity, Empathy, and Kindness and has been described as a 'Beacon of Positivity'.

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  1. The word Reflections stood out, Simon. In the river, in my mind and heart imagining what you just described.

    “Do we see less with our eyes open? Closing the eyes attracts; enhance other senses; hidden senses.” Have you noticed how often we close our eyes when we take a deep inhale to take in with our olfactory sense.
    Visiting a friends last week, I passed the big Redwood in her driveway and just had to stop and breathe. We underestimate our other senses for the primacy our vision – but it seems Covid is putting sense of smell very high on people’s list of senses they would rather not be without.

    • Dear Charlotte,

      Thank you for your meaningful and sensitive comments. The walks (and climbs) are truly awesome and the redwood I can visualize. Breathing in through the nose and breathing out through t nose with a pause for reflection. Thank you.

  2. Simon
    This is simply a delight to read and I say “is” as it’s a piece I will store and read again. You have developed a unique style, rarely seen now, that makes the reader live the narrative, every word carefully crafted like an artisan sewing a fine silk tapestry. The finished work is like taking a journey on a magic carpet into an ever changing horizon describing not only the views but also the feelings reactions and emotions. It was an absolute pleasure to read. Thank you

    • Dear Christopher,

      Your comments mean such a lot to me. I do believe most individual would be inspirationally enlightened walking through such pristine and peaceful countryside. And St. Catherine’s Hill does further inspire the imagination. This week’s climb up this icon hill (of Neolithic significance) on reaching the top and walking down (double espresso and lemon sponge at the Handlebar Cafe) I feel energized; not fatigued in any way (not the effect of the coffee!) Ido appreciate your analytical comments.