A Sweet Smelling Floral Business

Many of us have dreams of launching a business that feels more like a calling, and in that respect, there are a few that meet the criteria. In the flower business, there is no end to things you could do. 

You might train in floral design, flowers for delivery, bespoke floral art, or a plant and flower shop. 

But if you want to start a small flower business what should you be thinking about? 


Perhaps one of the most enjoyable parts of owning and starting a business is the early planning stages. You can be awake for long hours simply looking for inspiration and trying out logos and names for your business. 

However, there are a few things that you need to cover. Will you be having a store? And if so, do you know which type of refrigerator will be best for the types of flowers you want to grow? Have you considered the cost of a delivery van – and who will drive it? 

You might be considering if you have the space to grow some of your own specialty flowers, in which case you will need to consider special lighting, wholesale fertilizer, and know that there is a market for that type of bloom. 

Know the market

How many flower businesses are in the local area? Who are your main competitors, and why do people shop there? Most florists will only work within certain postcodes. This allows them to create bouquets or centerpieces freshly and deliver them at their best. 

You’ll also need to ensure that the farms and flower wholesalers nearby don’t have exclusive contracts with the other florists in the area. 

Be sure to do your market research to know who you are selling to and what you will be selling? 

Creative vs. Cash

Some events are highly valued, like weddings, funerals, and other big events. They require a lot of flowers and a lot of time – you might need to consider if you will have the capacity to pull off these significant events. 

When it comes to flowers, there aren’t just simple bouquets. There are so many different things to be made. Centerpieces, boutonnieres, floral walls, archways, flowers that hang from the ceiling, and so much more. 

You’ll need to decide if you need to stick to the safety of a simple bouquet for a while or if the cash cost on displaying your big-ticket items is worth it. 


Flowers have a minimal shelf life, and part of your job will be to manage that delicate balance when it comes to stock and availability. 

To ensure that you are left with piles of fresh flowers that gently perish away, you will have to have an in-depth understanding of your market. You’ll need to know the most popular flower types and the ones that don’t sell very often.

It is also essential that you have these separated,  and it can help your potential customers choose the right flowers for them.

It is also essential that if you have customers coming in to buy fresh flowers and they buy a mix that doesn’t generally gel well together, or one or two of the stems in there is likely to brown faster than the others, you let them know. 

Part and parcel of ensuring that everyone has beautiful flowers are keeping an eye on the perish time.

Price point 

Pricing flowers can often be tricky because, in some areas, people are happy to pay £50 or dollars for a bouquet that comes out well in other areas where some people would like to stay around 10 pounds or dollars. You also need to consider that most grocery stores now stock a range of flowers, as do gas stations.

So you’re not only competing with local florists, you’re competing with much cheaper flowers too.

Taking a look around some of the other florists in the area of Comber and checking prices online will give you a good idea of where you can set your prices. Remember that you don’t want to undercut because you need to see a healthy profit.

Online presence

 one of the places that florists can have colossal success is online. After all, flowers are beautiful, and some of the most beautiful photographs ever taken are of flowers and trees. You should open an Instagram account dedicated to your fresh flowers and more.

Your online presence will help people find you, but it will also grow your visibility in general.

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