A Sixth Sense? – No Kidding!

The Sixth Sense! When you hear it, what comes to mind? For film lovers, the movie with Bruce Willis immediately pops us. For those growing up in the seventies, the television show depicting examples of the sixth sense may come to mind. Whatever your connection to the possibility of this phenomenon, the majority of people view it as a form of ESP, extrasensory perception, going beyond space and time.

Napoleon Hill discusses “The Sixth Sense” in his book Think and Grow Rich. If you have not read it, I encourage you to do so. I did not discover Dr. Hill until my late fifties. Reading his book led me to the steps of the publishing company Sound Wisdom. My conversation with the lovely publisher led me on a journey to write my own.

In Chapter 13 of Think and Grow Rich, Dr. Hill states the following:

The Sixth Sense is that portion of the subconscious mind which has been referred to as Creative Imagination. It has also been referred to as the ‘receiving set’ through which ideas, plans, and thoughts flash into the mind. These flashes are sometimes called hunches or inspirations.

The Sixth Sense and Helping Professionals

This definition of the Sixth Sense resonates with me, and I am confident, many others, especially for us in the helping professions. It broadens the meaning from individuals with ESP to those with less power but strong intuition. Gathering facts about a person’s situation and history are imperative to therapists. As we develop more experience, information often intersects with our intuition. This convergence eventually leads to more incredible acumen in using our refined intuition, exploring hunches that may arise.

Think about all of the many times you are in conversation with another person, and suddenly they say precisely the same you had on your mind. Coincidence? Maybe, but many of us have seen this too many times to call it that. I have experienced this repeatedly with clients, friends, and family.

Might this be infinite intelligence, Dr. Hill’s reference, weaving its magic by inviting the intersection of thoughts across another sphere?

How about the inexplicable revealing itself unexpectedly? I believe I spoke about this before, but I will repeat it because it is an extraordinary example of the sixth sense phenomenon. Many years ago, a lovely client, Ms. S., told me about the name of a newborn. Not overly used, I knew someone from years gone by whose son had the same name. Now this person I was referencing happened to be a client, Ms. T., with whom I had not been in contact for over ten years. When the session ended with Ms. S., I listened to my voicemail. Ms. T. had left me a message while I was in session with Ms. S. I was stunned but reminded myself, these occurrences happen.

More recently, I was speaking with a lovely client who has been with me for over twenty years. She told me about a recent conversation with a medium. My client shared with me that the medium could see that she had a friend, Darlene, and that we enjoyed each other’s company. We smiled and knew these psychic tellings were entirely accurate. Now, for any naysayers, Darlene has never been a common name. Until I attended seventh grade, I knew of no others.

I would say there is something to be said about the “Sixth Sense.”

The Power of Love

How about love? Often, its potency has no bounds and can reach across time and space. There is nothing more powerful than a parent’s connection to a child. Many years ago, my great-aunt shared a story about her daughter. Unbeknown to anyone, the daughter went into fast and dangerous labor. While my aunt was in the middle of drying her newly styled hair, she suddenly developed an ominous hunch, “Marilyn needs me,” she whispered to herself. Hurriedly, my aunt left the Hair Salon and soon discovered her intuition was correct.

Finally, how about our beloved pets? We have heard stories about cats detecting cancer in their owners. What about those untrained dogs who sense danger for their owners or remain by their side. A few days ago, a man was walking his rescue dog, and two men approached him and shot him dead. The rescue dog was left unharmed. He could have fled hearing those loud gunshots, but the pooch remained with his owner, waiting for help to arrive.

There are some hunches, inspirations, and thoughts that some will glibly set aside as “no big deal.” As a firm believer in a creator whose greatness and reach are incomprehensible to our small human minds, I think that the “Sixth Sense” is a gift and pulsating marvel. Whether it be an extraordinary or an ordinary skill requiring attention and attunement, it can be there for our taking if one is open to the possibilities.

Your Thoughts?

Have you ever experienced “The Sixth Sense?” Please share your experiences. As I listen to many people, I continue to be delighted hearing stories about this unique phenomenon.

Darlene Corbett
Darlene Corbett is a Speaker, Author, Licensed Therapist/Coach, and Podcaster and is known as the “UnStuck” expert. She has developed programs based on her experience and is hired by associations and corporations all over the country to share her expertise. Darlene is a high-content speaker with an engaging and energizing style. Darlene loves working with people and believes her foundation as a Therapist and Hypnotherapist validates her position that everyone has the capacity to get UnStuck. When it comes to her deep understanding of human behavior, communication and relationships, Darlene not only helps refurbish the house but steady the foundation. She has been quoted in Knox News,, Bustle, and Best Life and has written many blogs and articles. Her book, Stop Depriving The World of You: A Guide for Getting Unstuck, was published by Sound Wisdom in November 2018. Darlene’s weekly podcast “Tap Into The Power of U,” is for men and women 40+ who wish to get unstuck. Darlene is a member of many associations and is an Approved Consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Abby’s House in Worcester, MA. In her personal life, Darlene enjoys spending time with her husband, dogs, and close friends as well as crocheting, reading, staying fit and loving life. She thanks God every day for giving her the energy and excitement to continue to look forward to what is ahead.


  1. There must be a reason why you put these two concepts in the same post, Darlene.
    In my experience, the intuition is the strongest exactly when we are in a safe container – with unconditional acceptance aka love.

    Perhaps we are more open to listening when we feel safe?

    That is not really a surprise, is it?







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