A Potential Medical Technology Paradigm Shift

–Combating Dangerous Bacteria, Fungus, and Viruses

We are currently in the midst of one of the world’s biggest challenges and threats, mitigation of the Covid19 virus. An unprecedented level of medical research and development is being directed toward therapeutic and prophylactic treatments for the pandemic. As we test and explore, scientists are discovering that there may already be available technology solutions that can make a difference in helping quell the effects of pandemics.  In my series of blogs examining the impact of emerging and disruptive technologies, I was fortunate to interview Dr. Brian Huber on an available “over the counter” product that may prevent and neutralize the most dangerous bacteria’s and viruses threatening mankind today, including Covid19. 


Can you tell me about your company and your background?

I am a Veterinarian by training.  I have been involved with pharmaceutical development and medical business development over my 30-year career – covering Oncology, Regenerative Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Pharmaceuticals.  Our company (Patient Focused Telehealth) identified a unique carrier platform about 3 1/2 years ago.  We spent about 2 years evaluating the merits and incredible capabilities of the platform.  Once we fully understood the power of this carrier, we acquired all the IP and catalog of products. 

Our focus is on the IP development with our proprietary “Advanced Penetration Technology” (APT™).   We utilize our APT™ carrier and improve existing NON-PRESCRIPTION (over the counter) topical medications creating dramatically more effective healthcare products for all consumers.

PFTH has products that address many of the current Urgent Global Healthcare Threats, as identified by the CDC.  PFTH has data around the efficacy of this FDA Registered, Over-the-Counter product from respected laboratories globally.    The APT™Tetracycline 3% ointment just simply changes the paradigm.  It is a medical break-through that will challenge the current medical beliefs of product activityThis single product platform shows powerful antibacterial and antifungal and antiviral capabilities. 

This APT™ platform will create debate and challenge the medical community to expand their understanding of traditional pharmacology, infectious disease therapeutics, combined with an opportunity to create Consumer access to truly revolutionary and effective product.

What makes your product unique and capable when it comes to neutralizing both viruses and bacteria?

The APT™ platform is the keyThe APT™ empowers the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API’s) we combine with the APT™ to create powerful effects against bacteria, fungal/yeast, and viruses.  APT™ products break through and destroy the bacterial and fungal biofilms that currently impede effective treatments of traditional antibiotic and antifungal drugs.  The APT™ neutralizes viruses upon contact.  ™ The APT™ platform creates a unique mechanical and biochemical killing of the microbes and viruses it contacts.  PFTH does not expect any “resistance” development to our product platforms due to this dual action of function.  

Wow, that truly defines the phrase disruptive technology. Do you have any case studies and test results, especially in regard to Covid19? Does it also work prophylactically?

PFTH has utilized Virology Laboratories to validate the virus neutralization abilities of APT™ Tetracycline 3 % in vitro.   We have been using this product prophylactically by swabbing the inside of the nasal canals once to twice daily to Reduce the Viral Load of exposure. Thus minimizing the potential transmission and contact of COVID-19 from daily environmental exposure.  The data around transdermal penetration supports the case use of prevention by swabbing the nasal cavity or applying drops into nostrils every day to minimize the infectivity of viral upper respiratory infections.    

Where can this product be applied across professions, verticals, and industry to mitigate Covid19?

  • PFTH recommends that first responders and healthcare workers should all use APT™Tetracycline 3% to receive additional protection from COVID-19 infection.  
  • PFTH recommends the Military should use this prophylactic approach to protect our troops globally and minimize the potential of dramatic downtime for our global defenses.
  • PFTH recommends use in Nursing homes, Long Term Care facilities, in all persons over 65 years old at increased risk for contracting COVID-19 and any age person with pre-existing health concerns. All should be using this product daily to minimize development of infection and illness. 
  • PFTH recommends the General Public utilize this topical application to mitigate excess exposure to the virus and provide a level of confidence to move back into the day to day functions of a normal economy.

In addition to Covid19, are there other applications for the product?

Yes. Many. But we recognize that ourAPT™ carrier platform and APT™ products cross many old established ideological boundaries in pharmacology and anti-infective therapeutics. It will be a challenge for medical minds to grasp this upon first pass. Then you add on top of that, all of our APT™ based products are NON-PRESCRIPTION (over-the-counter) products. It just seems even more unreal.  But it is a fact. IT IS REAL.  The APT™ Tetracycline 3% product shows no bacterial resistance. Many of the most difficult antibiotic-resistant infections can now be managed more effectively and efficiently.  The focus on Antibiotic Stewardship in healthcare is appropriate with increased bacterial resistance.  The APT Tetracycline 3% platform will be very impactful in managing resistant strains of infections.  

We believe this topical application will treat Malaria, Cholera, and many other concerning third world healthcare challenges. 

  • The APT™ Antifungal tackles the most troublesome resistant fungal infections, like Candida auris.
  • The APT™ platform and its full antiviral capabilities are still being evaluated. 
  • This APT™ Platform has many healthcare applications and opportunities.   This is revolutionary, this will be a paradigm shift in healthcare. 

What is next in your company plans and how can interested parties get in touch with you? 

PFTH is an IP development company at its core.  We are positioned for licensing opportunities with the correct global partners in Consumer Healthcare or Pharma for each of our APT™ therapeutic verticals.  

Please visit our website https://www.APT™ Or email: [email protected] for more information 


Chuck Brooks
Chuck Brooks
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