A Poet’s Take on …

–Context: Happy Overtures and Oneness with Nature

If and then                                                                                                 

If effort is the key then luck should be the lock. Unlock it…

If faith is the falcon then observation should be the wind. Leap forward …

If soul is the singer then life should be a harp. Play along …

If virtue is the cornerstone then time should be the test. Excel it …

If mirror is thy reflection then honesty should be the light. See it …

If truth be the diamond then triumph should crown the head. Shine on …

If sorrow is the tear then depth should be its drop. Feel it …

                                     _ _ _ _ _ _

A diamond

A diamond needs to be shown the mirror, I just did that

A diamond needs to be preserved, I just felt that

A diamond needs to shine, I just know that

The flowers

Flowers are the momentary smiles that eternity flashes at an estranged lover.

                                     _ _ _ _ _ _

The morning flocks

The sun kissed prodigies brew a fragrant misty morn

                                     _ _ _ _ _ _

The meadow morning

The meadows wish the shadows away with the morning fare that brightens my way

                                           _ _ _ _ _ _

The magic

Divinity brushes past the annals of credulity, while the reason stares powerlessly at her

                                         _ _ _ _ _ _

The daffodils at night

Moonlight lulls the daffodils in the slumberous swaying zephyr

                                        _ _ _ _ _ _

The virtue of innocence

There is virtue in innocence

Innocence begets bravado as innocence isn’t conscious of bravado

                                         _ _ _ _ _ _

Flippant divinity

The angel lashed her wings sweeping the galaxy yonder

She cuddles the trivial infinity abandonedly oblivious to crude necessity

                                         _ _ _ _ _ _

The marching sights ‘n’ sounds…

Bells and honks, mesmeric thunders and the silhouetted moonlight …

The hissing sun infatuating the eternity to march on further …

                                        _ _ _ _ _ _

The river

The river gurgles by the joys of lifeThoughts of you wafts through the waves

                                                    _ _ _ _ _ _

The celestial games- sky and the eternity

Sky is the lover who stretches its arms to eternity, while the damsel eternity ever eludes the sky yet steals his thunder!

Sky turns crimson and turns to darkness in vain, while the eternity adorns the light and caresses the celestial silence, as she spells the dawn

Sky is finite while the eternity is boundless  sky breaks and bends and thunders and falls, yet the eternity embraces. For, she is invisible and tall

Eternity has a magic wand of galaxies, of skies caught in ageless chasm

Sky is the lover in a brilliant disguise  nurturing the eternity as his foolish pride

Eternity smiles and bows to the sky in colors galore

She bows to the mighty sky who protects all from the ravages of fore

As the sun begins to set, the oceans turn red the eternal lights halo-out as the sun dives-in and surrenders to the nightly reigns.

Hitherto falls the night, hanging still in the evening tide, the sky becomes the canvas that Picasso longed to paint and Monet desired.

The moon pulled off a tide in borrowed light, as the sky made love to eternity even as a comet traversed by.

The moon snubbed the sun’s eternal habit to a heaving silence, and the celestial firmament wore a dark blue much like an emperor immersed in passions so true.

As the sky embraced the eternity in his amorous arms, the elusive eternity gave way to her star-lit charms.

                                           _ _ _ _ _

The emerald river

The evanescent flow goads me to the emerald river down the hillock below

The lustrous curves, the bouncy gait of the pearly beads that glisten in haste

The gushing streams proudly team with a deluging vigor that my soul redeems,

The emerald river gleams to free my mind, so it seems!

                                        _ _ _ _ _


Rajat Kapoor
Rajat Kapoor
His name is Rajat Kapoor. A former FM radio show presenter in English for 5 years (2000-2004) around the national capital region of Delhi, India. In 2005, he transitioned his career path to communication/soft skills coaching that notably and remarkably lasted till April 2020. Rajat shares distinct views on a range of topics viz. environment protection, climate change, human evolution, disruptive innovation, spirituality, holacracy, change management, assertive behavior, and more. Has an innate penchant for poetry. He celebrates the miracle of the cosmos, human existence, and the mystic message that springs from the everyday common and not so common occurrences. Rajat thinks of the green hat solution-based industry approach. Aspires for resilience and an inclusive model of work-culture that respects diversity and personal freedom. A new management style that nullifies hierarchy/bureaucracy. Contributes to the creation and networking of self-empowered and free global communities. Desires an ecologically stable and resplendent Earth that gets enriched by giving it's bounties to Man and not be plundered the way it does presently. Cheers!

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  1. Rajat,

    There is so much depth to your poetic verses here. Makes me want to take each section and journal my thoughts/what shows up in my mind’s eye. There is a pull towards an understanding of life’s mysteries through the everyday history of life, love and freedom of the mind. Cheers! Eileen

    • Eileen,

      I am so joyed by your observations!

      I feel, Nature has myriad ways to connect with us.

      That connection holds the quintessential meaning of what it wants us mortals to comprehend.

      When I muse over the rivers, oaks, sky and earth, I feel their joys and pain..I become one with them. It has always the way with me..

      Keep Shining …