‘A Poem for Humanity’

We have been sold a lie
To focus on the world outside
That it is weak to cry
Yet it is ok to fry
Our brain by staring at a screen all day
Prioritising our tasks over embracing play

Yet here we are with beliefs shattered
A virus has put us on our arse so we can review what matters
Going inside to connect to our heart
Is a critical step to embrace both science AND art

The worlds inequities
Have been laid bare for all to see
The privilege that I hold
And for many that look like me
Is something that needs to be better understood
This is not about shame, the damage has been done
Yet with our new awareness change must come

Change is an inside job
It has always been that way
We have been so misdirected
Since our very first day
On this beautiful blue orb that we call planet Earth
We now have an opportunity
To reimagine what we mean when we say ‘worth’

To value ourselves regardless of possessions
Is to connect head, heart and soul, oh such a progression
From the outdated stories that we are not enough
Until we have wardrobes bursting with stuff

It is so important to see one another’s face
We are part of one, singular human race
The keyboard warriors that spread hate and fear
I bet my bottom dollar they wouldn’t say a word if right here
In front of me as I type these words
They must be in pain, lost at sea
Yet they are equally human, like you and me
How to reach those souls, those drifting away
Will take intentional focus and a desire to play
In the sandpit of life in a whole new way
Led by those that look like me, from a place of empathy

Now is our time to truly come together
To support and uplift and not to untether
From this unique opportunity to collectively heal
And design in line with nature so that we can all feel
Whole, complete connected and ready
To co-create better, but lets take it steady

It will take all of us
Every single one
Chat to your partner
Chat to your mum
About their experiences growing up in this world
What do we take forward
What do we discard at the helm

Enough from me
These is just my view
I don’t need you to love me
For me to love you

We are equally human
That is a fact
Time to imagine a whole new pact
One that supports all and not just the few
I hope you find some value in this personal view


Garry Turner
Garry Turner
Combining a powerful mix of international sales and culture expertise, Garry is facilitating individual and team transformations as an interpersonal catalyst. With over 20 years of sales and relationship building experience and qualified in organisational design and development, learning & development and as a chartered member of the CIPD, he focuses on bringing intentional human-centred working to all walks of life, and has the evidence to validate this necessary paradigm shift. Whether through connection-centred workshops, keynote talks, live events or through Thinking Partnerships, Garry is driven by his two non-negotiable core values of growth and connection.

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    • You are beyond generous, appreciate you reading it and feeding back Brooke, thank you, i sense this is a new form of expression that I will use more x hope you are well

  1. I don’t need you to love me
    For me to love you

    I loved the entire poem,, but this line was golden. Yes we all need to come together, but My fear is t hat too many are too far gone. I pray every day that I am wrong about that. But even if I am, it;s has pretty much always been the few leading the many. We just need to organize and empower the few.

    • thank you for taking a look Jim, i appreciate that. I empathise with your reflections but I hold onto the deep belief, at a felt level, that we are one changed thought from everything shifting and with the current levels of consciousness is on the rise, as chilling as painful as it seems based on what the media tells us, I think we genuinely have a chance to turn the tide, but it may be the last one!

      Thank you again for adding such reflections.

  2. Garry,

    I have just read your poem. It is truly insightful and a wonderfully crafted set of prose. I confess I was immediately motivated to share it wider than our Bizcatalyst community, I trust you are not offended by that. The poem had such an impact on me, I have read a lot recently, some very good, some okay and some dreadful stuff too, but this is special. One felt privileged to be one of the first to read it, thank you for sharing and as I say I’m sorry if I was a bit quick off the mark re posting it, my enthusiasm sometimes impacts good sense 😀😀