A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Bucks On Linkedin


When someone arrives at your profile page, photos make the difference. The saying goes, “A picture is worth a 1000 words.”  Well, we’re talking LinkedIn here, where when you have the right pictures you can seal deals for thousands of bucks!

These images include your head shot and your background photo.  Most profiles have a head shot.  Only 20-30 percent have a background image.

Have You got the Ghost Icon Blues?

When people arrive on your profile page, the first thing they look at is your head shot photo.  At least I hope it is your head shot photo!  You would be surprised how many people will use a photo from a camping trip or backyard barbecue.  Or worse yet, they don’t even have a photo of themselves on the page.

Imagine going to a chamber networking event with a bag over your head.  That’s the same impression you leave when you have a grayed-out ghost silhouette icon where your photo should be.

The conclusion most viewers come to when there is no head shot photo is: 1. You lack confidence; 2. You aren’t detail-oriented or a follow-through type of person.  If you were, you’d have taken action on this profile step; or 3. This is embarrassing, but true… you’re too cheap to have a professional head shot taken.  

Let’s Get the Shots Put . . . in all the right places.  Too small, too big, or blurry and pixilated won’t present a professional image.  There are a lot of LinkedIn profile pictures that just aren’t quality.  In addition, I’m guessing only seven out of ten have a background image on their profile page.

Watch My 4-Minute Video Below

I’ll show you how you go about changing and/or adding a background photo that will help set yourself a part from the rest.  Here are some tips on photos in general for a professional image.

Head Shot

If you have a great photo, no need to click on the ‘Change Photo.’  If you need to add (or change) a photo, start by choosing the correct LinkedIn profile picture size.  Your professional head shot image will be displayed as 200 x 200 pixels, any smaller, and it will be stretched.  Too big won’t be much use either.

Start with a bit larger image than 200 x 200 high res image.  The system includes a photo crop / edit tool.  Make sure your photo does not include other people or pets.  It can get confusing.  Who’s who?  Be sure to smile.  Look approachable.  Dress professionally.  Use a photo taken at your current age, not ten years ago.  FYI – JC Penny has the most affordable head shot package on the market.


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