A Newly Ordered World – The Welling Up of the Soul of Humanity

Bio-spheric and Social Architects

As planetary citizens, we are facing a collective challenge, one that has far-reaching considerations and potentially able to shift existing systems to better serve the world. I’d like to address social architecture and our opportunity to ascend to a new order of living together in a connected world.

We tend to think symptoms of chaos are the core issues. In the bigger picture, there is an all-pervading consciousness at work. Could this be the beginning of a restructuring of our planetary civilization toward something much better, a newly ordered world?

Luba and I talk about everything, especially the deeper considerations in life and the world. We observe and report on the ridiculousness of the finger-pointing and obstinate behavior of our political leadership, yet look for opportunities to consider it, too, being a necessary part of the evolution of our planetary consciousness. Why?

Luba is from St. Petersburg, Russia, and has a completely different perspective than most Americans because of her life experience. Americans have been brainwashed by contrived and twisted educational materials as well as the media. We look for enemies before even thinking about friends we haven’t met yet.

My proclivities to look for the misunderstood and clarification of ‘what is’ certainly fall in line with the Zen moniker and philosophy. Now we’re at a point where our obsessive and selfish behavior is needing a dramatic change. Like it or not, it is happening. What are you going to do to make it better? Is God going to help?

God is a term that creates inner turmoil in some, not really knowing what ‘IT’ is, though it encompasses and permeates everything. We call it many things, too, yet don’t always respect it, let alone honor the natural harmony and order it offers through the personal obedience to the greater theme – ONE PEOPLE, ONE PLANET, ONE LIFE TOGETHER. We’ve become disrespectful of the elements of life-friendly sustainability.

Present Position

The amazing thing about our current situation is that it is forcing us to consider our personal hygiene habits. Collectively, we’ve been living like pigs in the world. Our air, land and water have become so polluted it is a global concern. T Harv Eker was quoted as saying, “What you do anywhere, you do everywhere.” There comes a time when consequences for poor behavior happen, no matter what we believe.

Beyond all the virus mania in the media and the political side-stepping, we have the opportunity to really look at ourselves now. What have we done to contribute to the situation? Has the natural order of things now presented us with a deadly threat because of our lack of consideration for each other? What can we do to distill what we know and be better planetary citizens?

I’m not a Bible thumper nor am I particularly a zealot, yet I promote sense made common and the teachings of Christ and others as I know them, that we are all connected spiritually in an amazing thoughtmosphere of infinite intelligence individually delivered in our personalities and activity. We believe there is something much greater than us; a source we commit our lives to fearlessly. We hear the phrase, “God, Country, Family” and forget the order.

We can’t make sense out of small pictures and limited belief systems, consequently; the petty and perverse subjective notions that keep us arguing. We can, however, make sense out of getting in touch with what truly makes us human; our body, mind and spirit. We all have them as a holistic system within our physicality. It is undeniable though baffling to science, still.

Ancient texts point toward a path beyond religious perspectives or the quest for knowing and/or serving God. A newly ordered world emerges when we change our view, shift our perspective, to one of recognizing the invisible guidance. God is really a diminishing term because we limit the infinite intelligence within us by believing somehow God is incomprehensible. The greatest tool for shifting one’s awareness is AWE; a sense of knowing and not-knowing simultaneously, yet obvious feelings beyond our ability to articulate in most cases.

In considering the overall picture and patterns (profit over people) we need to shift world views toward something more applicable to our health and sustainability; subtle shifts in our personal behavior provide profound changes in society over time. The physical changes of behavior often get us to consider the deeper impact on self; personal hygiene leads to inner hygiene, perhaps. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

What are the elements of personal hygiene regarding the mind, body, and spirit of our BEing; the presence of profound potential? Decades ago I heard a pastor, Richard D Rogers, at a Unity Church in Phoenix speak to our capacity for ‘radical godliness’ and living with the awareness and performance of this infinite intelligence in our lives; a lifestyle of honor and respect for each other as an example of living the principles for better living.

As a planetary citizen, I’m all for radical Godliness in these times! How about you? It changes where we put our attention, develops our intention and creates activity that supports the Divine presence within each of us. Together we can overcome anything, learn from mistakes and ascend to a new order of living in the world. It takes the old adage of ‘being in the world yet not of it’ to a whole new level.

Are we being asked to step up our game? Do we still think it is a game and therefore consider it inconsequential? While you are sitting wherever you are at this time in the social distancing and isolation caused by the current activities toward this pandemic, at least consider how your personal and professional activities can assist in creating the kind of world we know is possible.

I’m aware that many will consider my words to be naive, regardless of how much sense they make. It doesn’t make them any less real or important to consider as we stumble through the surreal events at this time. The practical side is we learn to adjust our various systems to match the needs of humanity.

In hopes of a better and healthier world, prayer works wonders. Not self-indulgent prayer for relief; prayer for those who can help to achieve a greater good and for our best individual contributions to that end. Answers come as we listen and pay attention. Offering to give yourself to something greater has always been an indicator of the wise leader. You are a leader for your life, we all are now, and together we will survive and thrive because of the examples we set.

Emergence of a Newly Ordered World

We’re a resilient and resourceful bunch here in America, let alone brilliant and capable folks around the world. We lost our heart [America] some time ago and have been functioning more like the muscle on the planet instead of the mind/heart leader we are destined to be. It is possible that’s changing since we absolutely have to focus domestically now.

Our supposed mortal enemy is doing more for the world than we are currently, providing personnel and supplies where needed. What an example of a world-leader. Americans are moving beyond the petty POTUS and stepping up to provide resources and respond with rational and well-organized logistical efforts.

Our health care system was obviously unprepared and pointing fingers as to why serves no one. Moving forward we have the opportunity to change the system into what it needs to be and put people before profit. The needs of the many are now more important than the needs of the few. Funny how Nature is reversing the old order of things.

What is also obvious is that advice and recommendations that were dismissed such a short time ago are now being instituted as solutions for our current crisis. It makes one wonder about the natural order of things, like a welling up of the soul of humanity that has been crying out for attention finally being heard.

We’ve been headed in an untenable direction for decades, putting profits above people for far too long. Wouldn’t you think that, over time, the subconscious activities we do not understand fully would have an impact on the development of change agents? The soul of humanity operates on an ocean of emotion, often reacting to stimuli with less than intelligent actions.


Zen Benefiel
Zen Benefiel
Zen says his life has been spiced with personal and professional opportunities that came through his nurturing of faith, love, and trust that dreams do come true. What built that faith, love, and trust began as an orphan told of his adoption just after his 4th birthday. The spice continued with experiences that span the gamut of the paranormal and include off-planet engagements over a lifetime. Can you say outlier? With two Master’s degrees and multiple certifications as well as an interesting professional history ( his passion turned to transformational life coaching just after the turn of the century, having become a rather astute cognitive scientist with extraordinary insight and intuition, he transformed Be The Dream (founded in 1988) from the intention of bridging best business and spiritual practices to a reality that has served hundreds. A decade and a half of writing was filled with cathartic wonders. His gifts are useful for Team Partnering as well, facilitating people, places, and things to build mega-structures with pre-construction teambuilding sessions. Divorced with four children, 9 grandkids, and 2 great-grandsons, he remarried after 30 years. Luba is from St. Petersburg, Russia, and their meeting, both agree, was a cosmic conspiracy of destiny, spiritual compatibility, and future vision of a newly ordered world in harmony with natural order. After 47 years of preparation, and stepping into what feels like fulfilling destiny, he recently became the Executive Director of the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement that is inspiring the world now.

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