A New World Order

There are a lot of mixed feelings that emerge when considering the term: New World Order. They span the gamut of abject anger toward fascist activity to zealous zeitgeists for the age of enlightenment. The former appears woefully present in our lives today. The latter seems to be waiting patiently for the former to dissolve naturally.

There are beneficial aspects of a New World Order from each, kind of a natural emergence of what might indicate harmony can be achieved. Our Global Village is connected now, virtually, and with distribution systems that take care of the world’s population. Competition helped refine both, though it no longer serves our thrivability.

An Apocalypse?

In a true apocalypse, we uncover knowledge of an evo-leap in our capability as humans. Science and spirituality are pointing at the same thing, just from different perspectives now. Our natural design toward a higher order emerges as ‘living in spirit’ and ‘living in quantum entanglement’ become synonymous through faith, love, and trust reflecting in the outer world as attention, intention, and interactions. It no longer matters which side of the belief fence you are on; it’s a new living awareness.

It doesn’t matter what religion or material perspective you may have, the process is not only provable through testing experientially, it’s repeatable and relationships resonate toward natural best practices we are just now admitting actually work. Business has used these best practices in cursory forms for over two decades. Its big splash was in developing ‘learning organizations.’ Personal mastery was a pre-requisite for learning organizations to evolve.

Pain and Suffering

I’m truly sorry for those of you who suffer and certainly didn’t intend to diminish your experiences. Y’all make assumptions that I have not experienced loss, pain and suffering or have had those close to me do the same in sometimes horrific ways. And yet it is because I have experienced such from multiple perspectives and embraced them (although I’m sure there’s more) that I can speak/write as I do.

It wasn’t my intention to trigger, though it was inevitable. There are many things we still do not understand about why things happen, yet they do. We choose to be attached or not. It’s often easier to remain attached than to free ourselves. I don’t particularly like dragging anchors and like being free. Letting go evolves our love to the unconditional place.

Living the Dream

My business name is Be The Dream. I’ve had it since 1988. I began with the notion of combining best business practices with personal or spiritual development best practices, believing there was a natural perspective each had that would imbue the workplace with productivity and purpose.

Happy people get more done with less supervision and they will exceed your expectations. People, place, and things are aligned, congruent, and highly functional.

So yes, perhaps that is true — me being a dreamer with a lot of naivety. Yet my life is an example of living the dream and living in Spirit as an experience, or if you’re a science buff, living in quantum entanglement with cosmic consciousness. It was grueling for a while as adaptation and flexibility were keys to innovation and transcendence of tragedy.

Personal Direction/Directive

This will explain at least some things: Among other activities today, I serve as a Transformational Life Coach now, in business for over 20 years… I’ve kept the name and have found the market ready now; thirsty for agility and alignment with mission and vision that now includes community or world service in some way. The only way we’ll thrive is all of us to working together.

Right now a lot of folks feel abandoned by whatever and whomever as the world events have caused much disruption in their lives. I was orphaned at birth, so that sense of abandonment permeated my life for decades, even with the NDE, until I became aware and grew beyond its infections. Strangely enough, what I experienced in the NDE was what I sought in life on Earth. It was harmony with self, others, and Mother Earth (not to mention the cosmos). That’s our next step collectively, imho.

Where’s the Proof?

I have many moments of proof that it is possible, re-creating our lives to live in better stead with our conscience and the world. From serendipitous opportunity and producing a stellar event for over 5,000 patrons to a 28-year process of a wish come true without my interaction. I hosted a TV show that begin in 1990, a shorter termed desire to manifestation process, and hoped someday I’d be worthy of being interviewed by one of two I wanted to emulate, Bill Moyers and Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove. Jeff reached out for a different purpose and after sharing my book, Stubbing My T.O.E. on Purpose, was invited for a conversation or three.

I’ve related this not to be self-aggrandizing or appear as a zeitgeist, it just makes sense and all I want to do is help make sense common so that we can address more pressing conditions and prepare for the changes that are yet to come. Our Earth is going through changes and we’ll need to be better prepared, and have transparency of information so that the best efforts can be made collectively. We are one people and we are on just one planet, so we need to treat each other and our planet with care.

The latter is a real New World Order. So, perhaps a slight shift in awareness and perspective?

Jeffrey Mishlove, Ph.D. –

The idea of the electron, proton & neutron being the Trinity suggests that there is a divine consciousness in effect in every atom

Bruce “Zen” Benefiel –

Whether we choose to call ‘divine’ or JUST consciousness, it exists, there’s something there that’s moving, that’s malleable based on how we interact with it & that over time we recognize that this possibility that we have OF this interaction is real. It’s not just a faith-based kind of thing. It’s an action word; You get involved, you test it out. Truth loves to be tested.


Zen Benefiel
Zen Benefiel
Zen says his life has been spiced with personal and professional opportunities that came through his nurturing of faith, love, and trust that dreams do come true. What built that faith, love, and trust began as an orphan told of his adoption just after his 4th birthday. The spice continued with experiences that span the gamut of the paranormal and include off-planet engagements over a lifetime. Can you say outlier? With two Master’s degrees and multiple certifications as well as an interesting professional history ( his passion turned to transformational life coaching just after the turn of the century, having become a rather astute cognitive scientist with extraordinary insight and intuition, he transformed Be The Dream (founded in 1988) from the intention of bridging best business and spiritual practices to a reality that has served hundreds. A decade and a half of writing was filled with cathartic wonders. His gifts are useful for Team Partnering as well, facilitating people, places, and things to build mega-structures with pre-construction teambuilding sessions. Divorced with four children, 9 grandkids, and 2 great-grandsons, he remarried after 30 years. Luba is from St. Petersburg, Russia, and their meeting, both agree, was a cosmic conspiracy of destiny, spiritual compatibility, and future vision of a newly ordered world in harmony with natural order. After 47 years of preparation, and stepping into what feels like fulfilling destiny, he recently became the Executive Director of the Live and Let Live Global Peace Movement that is inspiring the world now.

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    • Thanks, Ali. You’re an inspiration to me as well. How about just being ‘whelmed’ rather than over or under? Once you’ve had an awakening like mine, there’s no turning back. Identity becomes malleable and the nature of what is within us continues to bubble up for examination and sharing. It certain has been refined over the four decades since. I don’t know if you’ve read this, but it will give you further insight into the faith, love and trust I have in the process. I literally gave my life to know truth.

  1. Thank you for the heart-warming and mind-soothing response, Vishwas. What I don’t say is that the process of self-actualization and self-realization are the core of our experience, combining inner and outer worlds as one in discovering/revealing our perfected form, fit and function in the world. This is what is possible now, perhaps always has been.

  2. “Whether we choose to call ‘divine’ or JUST consciousness, it exists, there’s something there that’s moving, that’s malleable based on how we interact with it & that over time we recognize that this possibility that we have OF this interaction is real. It’s not just a faith-based kind of thing. It’s an action word; You get involved, you test it out. Truth loves to be tested.”
    Beautiful statement Dr zen Benefiel , the field of Consciousness loves the involvement of interaction and contemplation to get the field truth , divine is the state of joy of achieving the productive truth with the scope of energy of productivity and acceptance of the goodness of joy of wider space with prolonged joyous experience .. The field of action and reaction at a stable state , to evolve creative dynamics of the process of the truth to achieve greater joy of creative potential could be realised ,thus making the process of Change or transformation to new state of modernity Smooth and Transparent …. I must extend my humble appreciations for initiating a thought on change ,a prominent dynamic property of the Cosmos .