A Message to My Family and Friends

Sometimes parents make choices and decisions that are not in their own best interest. We may put our partners, spouses, children, work, and friends first, and forget about ourselves.

But by doing this, and while it is awesome and all-we matter too. If we are not healthy and well; if we are not physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy; we cannot assist others.

When a parent is guided to a career in social services/social work, etc it is because at their core they care. They choose such a profession because they know one of their gifts is to serve. Money is never the objective. Such individuals are caring, compassionate, loving, heart-centered, honest, have integrity, and believe their mission is to help/guide others. BUT-they must look after and take care of themselves too.

When one does not take care of themself, guess what? Their body will force them to. Dis-ease occurs and if left untreated or not focused on, it gets worse and more intense.

As someone who is a helping professional, this was my reality. Dis-ease occurred, eventually, it was somewhat treated, but back to putting everyone else first over myself. Eventually, my body and soul literally forced me to do self-care. My body began to shut down on me…

I dealt with various illnesses and dis-ease for a 4-5 year period. The recovery process was long, dissatisfactory, and challenging. Western medicine and discipline only worked so much. As one raised with some family members and had some friends who believed in natural foods, homeopathy, naturopathy, and eastern medicine —to them I turned or remembered what was shared.

Meditation, sound healing music, time in nature, reading, time with animals, time in solitude along with essential oils, lots of water and herbal tea, eating healthy, and tapping into the knowledge and skills of friends and professionals I went.

7 months later I am at 85%. Another 15% to go, but I know I will get there by sticking to routines and habits that benefit me.

Daily walks or exercise of some kind are a must, coffee in the morning an absolute must! Solitude, music, and small doses of socialization are needed. It is a matter of finding that balance for oneself and being honest and open about all this with the ones you are close to.

One must allow themself to do this though, as if not then real disease and illnesses set in that tear your body, mind, and spirit apart,

Friendships and family ties may suffer because of this, but in the end, and I will use myself here and say, I had to do this. Yes, it affected many friendships and family relationships, and it is possible I may not be able to reconnect with some people, but in the end, I have faith that the right ones will understand, accept, and acknowledge what I was going through and give me grace and say they love me unconditionally and will try to slowly rebuild our relationship.

I write this as I know I am not the only one in the world who has had to go through such a process. Take a look into your own life, your own journey, and see if this was ever you. Is there someone in your life right now that if you really think about it, is going through this?

Thank you and love and light to all!


Zina-Vivianne Walker
Zina-Vivianne Walker
I am an eclectic professional with many interests that surprisingly all tie together. Sometimes the interesting people with what could be seen as 'eccentric' qualities make people laugh, smile, be curious, and just spread a light of happiness & joy to others while encouraging growth and changes in mind-set.

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