There are three important guides for all of us – parents, teachers, and life itself, the last one being most persistent, consistent, emphatic and something that stays with us forever. Wise are those who pick up the subtle hints and loud suggestions, tips, and tutorials, advice, and admonition that life offers every single day. The best part is, these class capsules are often immediate, reactive to our actions and come strapped with the most potent feedback.

Introspection about the current plank we are on, where we were what we have lost and gained and what lies in store is always a good strategy to have. Click To Tweet

Life, through our trials and tribulations, highs and lows, successes and failures, the good times and the tough ones, imparts a never-ending string of valuable lessons that only the fool-hardy can afford to ignore and not partake of. Introspection about the current plank we are on, where we were what we have lost and gained and what lies in store is always a good strategy to have. Our dynamism for something new – a goal, a road we wish to take, a decision we must make, a project we plan to undertake – must be peppered with pensiveness about experiences from the past, with a dwelling on reasons for why we failed to keep up with our plans and what all we allowed to get dropped along the way.

We are resilient enough to paste a radiant smile on the visage reflective of the gung-ho spirit within as we ready our mind and mettle to face the time to come with resolve and promise, energy and enthusiasm.

The biggest of all human traits has to be hope as we pick up our fallen faces at the thought of failure, failed attempts or fewer accomplishments in the time gone by. We are resilient enough to paste a radiant smile on the visage reflective of the gung-ho spirit within as we ready our mind and mettle to face the time to come with resolve and promise, energy and enthusiasm. Here follow the life lessons, in no particular order, flowing out just as the reflections reappear on the horizon of my mind and the thoughts take form. These are my 32 cents worth whatever they may be in the lanes of life, aspiring to be important milestones on its meandering roads.

Lesson 1 – Make a habit of shooting up a prayer or a wish into the sky

The universe listens to your most earnest, sincere, positive desires. Underlining the importance of hard work and merit-based rewards; I often beseech the Universe, “If this year has been a good foundation-laying year then let the next year be of deliverance.”

Lesson 2 – Be opportunity focused

The most important guest that you should usher in is Opportunity. Opportunity, nay, opportunities knock on the mind’s door – loud and clear. You must be ready in your Sunday best to greet them and be hospitable towards them. You must always be fitted out in branded clothes to welcome this VIP guest and the brand must always be of hard work, caliber and perspicacity.

Lesson 3 – Believe in your own worth

You must believe in yourself, your ideas and your skills. If you do not believe in yourself then how will others; after all, you know yourself the best. What’s more, in times of doubt, complexes, and depression it is this belief that helps steer your ship towards the shore. 

Lesson 4 – Believe in the power that exists beyond!

On the days when your belief in yourself takes a beating, there will be a providential sign through a friend’s comment or a reader’s remark or family’s know-all declarations that will help you put back the belief in its place and carry on with zeal and zest. Divinity exists. How you see it is a matter of personal choice.

Lesson 5 – The Universe conspires for and not against you

The Universe, through its forces and elements, reflects your spirit. Sunny, solemnly downcast, stormy, sizzling, barren, breezy, peaceful, passionate, pouring, parched – the Universe and You are mirror images with the former feeding on your innermost fears and feelings, emotions, and thoughts.

Therefore, be mindful of what you send out because it all comes back.

Lesson 6 – Reap the Social Media for the common good

The online social media circle of friends, connections, tweeple and the like are a far more charitable and philanthropic lot. They will not think twice before sharing information that could save a life, collect funds or help to eradicate hunger in the third world. Work with the Social Media.

Lesson 7 – Cultivate intelligent, insightful, invigorating networks

The very same group of people is also excellent networkers and active information-sharing community that thrives on adding to the knowledge bank, posting interesting and educative features, passing on useful links in general. It is because of them that there is so much to know, learn from and re-share in the dynamic world of web where nothing is beyond one’s reach anymore. To be a part of this community is an enriching experience.

Lesson 8 – Seize the day!    

When the idea lights up like a bulb or when ideas flow, you must capture them on a pad or iPad, note it in your diary or save it on your desktop and get to it as soon as you can. If the a-ha moment of the idea is lost then it either flows away or stares you back as a boring piece of balderdash that is not worth your time anymore. The point is to seize that moment and make it into a meaningful exercise. You will never ever regret this. Ask me. I have for proof a large pile of beautifully written pieces – prose or poetry depending on the idea and mood; and a larger pile of half-written words and sentences that I do not know what to do with anymore, only because I let the creative wave pass over me at that time.

Lesson 9 – Foster the double Fs

When things go wrong with you, as they will many a times, it is family and then friends that rally around you. Nurture your inner and outer circle well, invest in it and see what a big difference they make to you and your life.

Lesson 10 – Become a Dog Person (or cat, rat, guinea pig, Llama, whatever talks to you)

The best antidote to seasonal flu, moody blues, fevers, shivers, disease, moments of mental freeze, depression, feelings of oppression and anything else that you can think of are dogs. Period! Really so! Much more than rest and medication! Not much can stand up to the cheerful demeanour, wagging excitement – always, the unconditional licks of love and adorable hugs of  attachment, the desire to be by your side at all times no matter what; it indeed is a formidable bond and friendship that can help you withstand any concern or calamity.

Lesson 11 – Invest time in your pet children to reap holistic benefits

The pet children do have a fantastic vocabulary and understand all the languages you use rather well. As an aside, their vocab. seems to be growing with every passing year just as you need to spell out more and more words instead of speaking them out in their presence. But in all seriousness, take good care of your pet children and see them pay you back in so many enriching ways, especially when you are down and out.

Lesson 12 – Use your unique gifts to make a difference

You have the power of making a difference to people’s lives, sometimes by your pre-meditated actions of kindness and sometimes by the unplanned, sudden acts that bring a smile to a stricken-with-grief face, that lift the heaviness off a sorrow-laden heart, that relax a reverberating-with-worries mind. Stay open and receptive to any and every chance to help those more in need.

Lesson 13 – Lose weight. Get fighting fit.

It is possible to lose weight at any age – before 20 after 40, pre-menopause or post. Yes, it is. You just need to keep up with the effort. Just as anything else in life – when the stakes are high and the task tough, the efforts must be as intense – the same with weight. Eating right and healthily is not for a season or two or for the period of time in which you wish to lose weight. It is a life-long process and should be part of your perpetual lifestyle.

Lesson 14 – Don’t let sands of time to slip away! It will never come back.

More than anything else, more than wealth, fame, happiness and prosperity, what is really limited and reducing constantly is TIME. After every passing year, at every decade of your life, the truth is going to hit you even harder. The time to do something about it is NOW.


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L. Aruna Dhir
ARUNA is a Feature Writer for and Columnist with Hospitality.Net – the world’s two highest ranked Hospitality publications. A Freelance Writer since 1987, Aruna is also an avid blogger and a published poet; with two anthologies to her credit. Her writings have appeared in several national and international publications. With over 16 years of experience with some of India and Asia's top hotel brands, Aruna is a seasoned Corporate Communications Specialist, PR Strategist and Writer who has taken a sabbatical, after holding the position of the Director - Public Relations at The Imperial New Delhi, in order to work on book projects - on Public Relations & Communications, Hotels, Food and India respectively. In 2002, in a national Newspaper poll, Aruna was voted as the best Hospitality PR Professional by a cross-section of peers from competition hotels, guests, industry experts and stalwarts from the PR world.
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Ken Vincent

Excellent points, Aruna. I too subscribe to getting the worst or most hated chores out of the way first thing every day. The rest of the day looks much brighter. It is also true about the unconditional affection of a dog. Feed them, water them, and pat them on the head and they are your friend for life. However, if you are looking for the smartest pet go for the little pot bellied piggy. Smart, clean, uses a litter box, loving and lovable, and doesn’t shed. (Smile)