A Look At Workplace Drug Testing And Marijuana

It’s no secret that the millennials are taking over the workforce by storm. In fact, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data, more than 35% of working Americans are millennials, eclipsing Gen Xers and Baby Boomers that have long made up our labor force. Millennials may easily be the most studied generation in history. Their emphasis on corporate social responsibility, environmental concern, workplace culture and engagement are just some of the things that have pushed employers to re-think and re-structure their workplace.

So, in an era where millennials are a driving force behind the changing attitudes towards recreational and medicinal marijuana, it’s interesting to see what’s happening to workplace drug screenings. Of course, employee drug screenings will always be necessary for the safety of some industries, but with a growing millennial workforce, remote employees and evolved company culture, will companies also need to rethink their workplace drug screening policies.

As it turns out, this may most likely be the case. A study conducted on the attitudes towards cannabis use found that more than 25% of millennials said they would decline a job offer if they knew the company drug tested — more so than any other generations. It seems that millennial employees feel pretty strongly about how job policies impact their personal lives. This infographic takes a look at some of the findings from the study and what employers need to know about drug testing for cannabis.

workplace drug testingCourtesy of marijuanadoctors.com

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