A Leaders Imprint: What Might We Learn If Our Staff Could Be Forthcoming?

Ever wonder what they really think? If you’ve never really given it a second thought, you are among the countless leaders who answer that question with some type of ‘no’. Truth be told, many leaders focus is truly on bigger issues and more complex matters.

No doubt – our contemporary world offers opportunities that have a direct and positive impact on our American landscape. Yet, none comes without new challenges being introduced regularly. Even though the days of dictatorship and hierarchy command are gone, our workforce is still left with many leaders who remain steadfast with this conviction.

Whether any traditional, time-honored leaders want to believe it or not, our people demand more from us. We can be the most brilliant leader we know but without some degree of soft skills weaved in, our ability to lead is hindered. Even if we don’t see it – I promise, others do.

Some believe its hogwash. Some leave the ‘people part’ to their management team. Regardless of why they sustain habitual or antiquated practices, the results are the same: some leaders have no idea what they are missing.

By adopting a new mindset, some of these more conventional leaders could bask in all that transpires. But first, what could these leaders learn if their employees knew they could be honest and forthcoming about all of this?

They would probably hear things like:

  • We do so much better when we’re invigorated and excited to come to work every day. The way you treat us has a lot to do with that
  • Spend some time having conversations with us once in a while. We are confident that can share a lot with you that you probably don’t see in day-to-day business
  • We stay updated with our competitors and when they offer us a better opportunity, we go. But that is only because we don’t know if we have a future here
  • We’ve earned an education/training because we are passionate about our work. When you don’t recognize our passion, we tend to react quite positively to other leaders who do. Your genuine appreciation carries more weight than I think you realize
  • If there is something we’ve erred on, let us know when it happens and do so privately. We are embarrassed for making the mistake and want to correct our actions immediately
  • We like it when you notice us for the good we do. When it comes from you it matters more than you might realize
  • Ask us how you can help us do our job better. It lets us know you truly care
  • Try working alongside us if we’re shorthanded instead of stressing about how we’re not working hard enough
  • Schedule time for us as a group to work on teambuilding, so we can continue to fortify our team. We’re happier and more productive when we work well together
  • We want to be a part of our company’s strategic planning or change management process. When we feel empowered, we’re more committed
  • Give us the opportunity to show you how successful we can be without anyone micromanaging us. It naturally increases our loyalty to you
  • We’re inherently better at our job when we to want to be here. Having fun and celebrating every once in a while won’t disrupt our goals. It will make us want to work harder because we know you appreciate us

People expect more from their leaders and rightfully so. The constant, rapid changes in our competitive environment have roused a new level of anticipation from our workforce. There are a million things we can do as leaders to make our workforce strong … and rarely do they cost much, but the return on investment is amazing.


Dr. Jennifer Beaman
Dr. Jennifer Beaman
FOR over 25 years, Jennifer has served as an executive consultant helping organizational leaders streamline processes and strategies by enhancing skills and practices. Serving as a strategic consultant to industry-wide businesses throughout California, she soon recognized the unparalleled value of human capital. In turn, she introduced leadership and executive development services, thereby providing a more holistic opportunity for clients. Cornerstone to helping leaders recognize the power of their actions and behavior, she weaves the art of emotional intelligence into all interactions, thereby promoting thorough value to the entirety of organizational systems. Joining ranks as a business owner in 2004, she partnered in a California-based sign manufacturing business. This business served a variety of clients, primarily larger corporations, franchises and Fortune 100-500s. In 2008, she participated in partnership in southern California specializing in project management and leadership development services. This corporation served clients ranging from Fortune 50-100s. The Association for Leadership Practitioners is a subsidiary of a parent company opened in 2010 and serves clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500s. Dr Beaman also serves as a partner at Chasing Limitless, Inc., providing strategic consulting and executive leadership development services to catapult organizational revenue and growth and primarily serves Fortune 500 companies. She holds a Doctorate in Management with a focus in Organizational Leadership; Master's degree in Organizational Management; and Bachelor's degree in Organizational Development. She is an active member is several professional affiliations and volunteers on a consistent basis helping entrepreneurs and doctoral students working toward publishing their dissertations.

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