A Healing Legacy

Changing the way things were would completely alter the person we are.

For anyone – or for that matter anything – who has sustained an injury, healing is a crucial next step. In last week’s article (click here to read it), the question of how do we know healing is actually occurring was discussed. The challenge is that sometimes the damage was so extreme, it can appear next to impossible for any healing to occur. If only emotional wounds were as simple as seeing a mental health professional, following a step-by-step procedure that was a surefire strategy for a cure, then returning to normal. If only!

It may not seem fair that some have endured such extreme abuse simply by being born who they were. I think about my circumstances and they can appear almost insignificant compared to what others have suffered. I was not brutally abused with unspeakable acts nor were there any physical scars left behind. But the one thing every abuse victim has in common is that none of these incidents can be undone.

Each of us has to find a way to begin the healing process and overcome those past struggles. I wholeheartedly believe it is possible for anyone in any circumstance. If we don’t, then they may ultimately cripple or immobilize us and eventually become an alibi for our failures or defeats.

I’ve wondered how different my life would have been had I not experienced some of the abuse. Perhaps I would have been more successful in business and been in a completely different career. But speculating will never change where I am in this moment. Those abuses, no matter how difficult they were, have made me the person I am today. Going through and overcoming them has no doubt elevated my passion for helping others far more than if they had never occurred.

Please remember this is my journey and in no way is it meant to be a directive about yours. However, yours can share a similar theme of making you the person you are today and creating a passion for life. My healing was so invigorating that at times, I wonder why everyone who has experienced emotional healing doesn’t feel the same way. But I also realize that is just my own enthusiasm speaking.

Any type of abuse is inexcusable and should never happen. But I also don’t believe that one must suffer from it in order to thrive. When it unfortunately occurs, that does not indicate nor imply that only despair and anguish lie ahead. No matter how insurmountable these situations were, they can be transformed into a personal victory and a meaningful journey.

The healing process does not occur naturally. In fact, there are many distractions which stack the deck against us and cause it to seem impossible from ever happening. If you are perplexed or confused about your own process, please feel free to reach out to me. Helping others is my passion and I will do whatever I can to help.


John Dunia
John Dunia
John has a passion; and that is helping others heal from past difficulties and abuses. Healing became important when he realized how much it freed him from his own past and now works to help others experience that liberation. The key to his success was discovering that the most debilitating damage was his own shame and the destructive things he believed about who he was. Throughout his own healing journey, he became hyper-aware of how shame was affecting him while having little clue of its presence. Others noticed these changes and reached out to him for help. His methods were so effective that he made it a mission to shift his career into helping others. Adopting the term “ShameDoctor”, he continues to teach others to empower themselves through his remarkably effective techniques. “Shame is one of the biggest yet least talked about issues we face as individuals and society yet so very little is mentioned about it.” It is his purpose to change the way the world perceives shame and promote helpful and viable techniques to heal and overcome those past struggles. John’s book, “Shame On Me – Healing a Life of Shame-Based thinking” was self-published in 2016. In addition to working with clients, John also writes healing and insightful articles each week. He is also looking forward to speaking on the topics of shame and healing throughout the globe.

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