A Guide to Setting up The Ultimate Seaside Resort

The hospitality industry keeps evolving and finding new ways to reinvent itself. Hip trends and offers for accommodation are available everywhere you look. While this is great for consumers, it presents a challenge for you as an entrepreneur. How do you create distinct unforgettable experiences?

There is little that other hoteliers have not already done. However, the goal is to take what may be considered conventional and transform it with your unique touch.

Here are some ideas you can consider as your venture into the resort business.

Study Your Target Market

The kind of setup you have at your establishment needs to be tailored to the tastes of your target market. Most seaside towns are ports of entry that attract tourists from different countries. In addition, there is the financial aspect of it; are you aiming for affordability or a luxury experience?

It is a great idea to be authentic and present guests with a feel of your local culture. On the other hand, it is also advisable to maintain international standards like having conventional dishes on your menu. The goal is to ensure that you are not too niche that you lose out on clients that prefer to have options.

Luxury is an in-thing in travel and tourism at the moment. You could choose to target wealthy clients that stop by your town on their yacht cruises and other travels. To widen your customer base, you could create packages that are also slightly more affordable for the average customer.


The most important thing to keep in mind as far as accommodation goes is exemplary standards. You want your resort to be so amazing that once a guest experiences your premises, they never want to go anywhere else. So, what is it that would turn a one-off customer into a regular one?

Beds and Linens

Extra comfortable beds and bedding might be the biggest investment that you put into your resort but they are worth it. The kind of mattresses you choose is key to achieving comfort. One tested trick Is to consult a sleep expert to guide you or work with a reputable brand. Spare no expense.

For towels and bedding, 100% Egyptian cotton remains king. It is durable and unlikely to flare up allergies for guests that may have them. That said, research your supplier options keenly so as to get authentic fabric and suitable designs.

Guest Treatment

In caring for guests anticipation and responsiveness are essential qualities of service.

As you create your service experience, picture yourself as the guest. Consider different needs that you would have during your stay; from the basic to the lofty. It is a special touch when you can anticipate the needs of guests without them asking.

On the other hand, there will be things you can’t foresee such as special menu requests, flight arrangements among others. For such instances, what matters is how well and fast you can work to meet the guest’s needs. To this end, train and facilitate your staff to be as resourceful and accommodating as possible.

A Dining Experience

Every resort has a menu with its own quirks and special delights. To differentiate your brand, try out unique concepts. Table-side cooking where guests can watch skilled chefs at work is one such idea that is gaining favor. Alternatively, you could present different dining themes from around the world on particular days.

On refreshments, invest in high-end brands and some rare gems. Wine and whiskey lovers would particularly appreciate the opportunity to sample bottles they have never found.


Live bands might be the biggest cliche of seaside resorts but the truth is, they are popular. Still, as an above-par destination, you have to offer more.

It may not be possible to cater to everyone’s tastes but offering different kinds of entertainment may be ideal. While the band plays in the outside bar, you could have a pianist entertaining the dining area inside. You could also consider a quiet lounge with board games and outdoor sports for athletic guests.

The sea is a great resource for entertainment too. Daytime and sunset excursions catered by hotel staff are something special that you could offer at an extra fee. Organizing genuine local tour guides and chauffeurs for guests looking to tour your locality would equally be a plus.


A large part of your clientele will be sea travelers. Accessibility to your premises needs to make it easy for them to stop by. Boats and yachts require a safe and sufficient space to dock. Ensure that the dock adjacent to your establishment is stable and in great condition. Where possible, you could choose to run your own marina to see to it that your guests are well taken care of.

Consider that guests will most probably come in with luggage. Whereas you could assign staff to receive them, there is a need for them to be able to easily navigate their way to your entrance. Finding a floating walkway for sale would be a perfect solution to giving your clients convenient weatherproof access.


When it comes to service delivery, it is not enough to simply aim for the best. You also need to be your own harshest critic, it pushes you to keep raising your standards. Further, consult experts in the field, they have seen many other resorts and can be a treasure trove of ideas.

The ultimate resort is not unattainable. With some dedication and the right staff, you can certainly pull it off.

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