A Day in the Life of a Bumblebee

Bumblebees are particularly large. Ability to fly contrary to laws of science, where size and weight should in theory prevent them from being airborne. A dream rather than a reality, a dream becomes a reality.

It is said that the species is in fact ‘humblebee’ because they apparently don’t sting.

Such insects (sounds awfully insulting) are quite special to observe. Compared with other honey-gatherers, bumblebees are rather gentle in their everyday manner. They hover over a chosen flower, humming until landing on a chosen bloom. Creeping inside to gather pollen, re-emerging with a leg-load.

When fully grown, they are enormous and susceptible to ‘crash land’ where too much weight ultimately fails to keep them aloft.‎ They can be seen with a large amount of pollen on one or more of their legs.

Bumblebees and honey bees have specific choices of flowers, meaning they do not always share the same ‘taste’. There is no conflict; just a polite acknowledgment that a wrong flower had been chosen and one of them departs. They are rarely seen on the same bloom together. Fellow bumblebees enjoy a flower together, should there be sufficient space; especially for the large, fully mature ones.

There is another creature happy to share a bloom with a bumblebee; that being a butterfly. Such species could not be more different. Butterflies; their regal grace blessing the company of what would be a rather noisy fellow; where each change of position would make a flower shudder a little. Considering their total difference, there is a low-key camaraderie.

A particular giant wearing shoes has been seen offering a hand of friendship, where after a pause to evaluate whether a sensible thing to do, a bumblebee lifts a leg in either a salute or caution, ultimately accepting such an invitation and crawling upon an offered hand many times larger than can be imagined ‎by such a creature. The shadow alone blocks out direct sunlight; sunshine being a crucial element in a bumblebee’s life.

Being offered a flower that is unsuitable, a bumblebee turns around and crawls away up a human’s hand (insulted at being offered a bloom below its status?) and ultimately accepts another flower, leaving an empty hand. Perhaps a wave of thanks should imagination permit.

Butterflies are a regal, gentle species. A butterfly and a bumblebee gracing the same flower‎ does not create tension of competition. Perhaps a slight nod to recognize mutual rights of temporary ownership.

Imagine a bumblebee sitting on a human hand, receiving a gentle nudge to prompt it to climb onto a flower.

Do bumblebees sting? Perhaps ‘rescuing’ a bumblebee neutralizes any idea of stinging a human who has saved them.

With Winter now very close, there are no suitable flowers and consequently an absence of bumblebees and butterflies. In their own way, they are preparing for Spring, renewing their instinctive efforts to bless Nature and humanity. Life without honey?

Butterflies warm the heart, bumblebees project good vibes. A supreme combination.


Simon Lever
Simon Lever
Prior to his retirement, Simon engaged in software and services sector search and recruitment for American companies around Europe. He has retained the enjoyment of engaging with people from other countries and cultures. His energies are now directed towards voluntary community activities, journaling, and exhibition stewardship. He is a Featured Contributor for BizCatalyst 360°. As an Exhibition Steward, at the 1000-year-old Winchester Cathedral, he is responsible for guiding visitors from the world over, around the award-winning 'Kings and Scribes Exhibition', which includes the 900-year-old Winchester Bible. The exhibition introduces visitors to Winchester's historical significance as a former capital of England. Simon's journaling activities are published on BizCatalyst 360° and accompanying posts on LinkedIn, He acknowledges the inspiration afforded him by Carol Campos of Massachusetts: Life Strategist, Writer, and Intuitive Business Leader who introduced him to writing with feeling; from the heart. Simon's forté is creative writing; the accent on the natural environment, transforming feelings, emotions, sights, sounds, and scents of Mother Nature's landscape; hills and rivers and woodland into words, transporting the reader to the locations. Essays include accounts of his life in former days. Instinctively writing in such a spontaneous manner, descriptions become life-like. His often emotionally charged writing, whether describing a surreal 'Son et Lumière' at the Grand Place in Brussels to experiences acquired during European business travel. Journaling and Exhibition Steward activities are his key sources of inspiration and creativity. Kindness is ever more important, where he is a promoter of Shelly Elsliger PPCC's 'Decide to be Kind' Campaign. Simon champions Positivity, Empathy, and Kindness and has been described as a 'Beacon of Positivity'.

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