A Creative and Probing Question

I wrote the presentation on “New profiling approach for employees” presented below. The question was about if you were given a free car of your choice what is the number one criteria in your selection?

New profiling approach for employees from Ali Anani, PhD

The answers and comments revealed the main characteristics of people such as risk-avoiding, showiness, and caring for the family. I read the following post by Dennis Pitocco in which he asked one great question;

This is a great question. How we answer it shows to what degree we developed.

One skill that I find of utmost importance includes an improved understanding of ourselves and enhancing our awareness. It also includes comprehension and what degree we can understand concepts that were vague to us last year.

We need always to learn-unlearn-relearn. We need always to do self-correction. We need all to move out of the muddy beliefs, assumptions, and emotions that time proved to be untrue.

Having a library at home with all books still covered with gelatin paper does not mean that you are a good reader. Reading the books without changing some of your thinking or leading to a better understanding of certain issues is as good as you have not read the books. Reading books on one subject does not add variety to your life. Reading books without experimenting with the new ideas that you gained and showing proof that you did have little value.

Every one of us needs to ask ourselves the question that Dennis Pitocco asked. Have you gained new skills? Have you updated your skills? Have you narrowed your skills gap?

Skills here do not refer only to hard skills. They also include soft skills such as problem-solving skills, communication skills, creativity skills, and social skills.

I claim that one skill that we all need to show is demonstrating how we moved out of our muddy thinking beliefs and emotions and showing by tangible examples how we did it.

This reflects the underneath layers of soft skills such as preparedness to understand and change, flexibility, adaptability, readiness to unlearn to relearn, and others.

The real skill is to have the skill to show the strength of your soft skills and how you strengthened them.

Do you have the skill to story tell how you acquired your new skills?

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Ali Anani
Ali Ananihttps://www.bebee.com/@ali-anani
My name is Ali Anani. I hold a Ph.D. from the University of East Anglia (UK, 1972) Since the early nineties I switched my interests to publish posts and presentations and e-books on different social media platforms.


  1. Love this Ali Anani…Having information that contradicts your beliefs without your willingness to ‘change some of your thinking that may leading to a better understanding of certain issues”, is completely useless.

    You cannot ‘ride the wave’ without developing the skills to do so. We all have to develop the ability to bend a little, in one direction or another, so as not to break. it’s called ‘resiliency.’

  2. eading this part of your comment Amy Camie, CCM “Today, I have a more expanded perception than a year ago. Growing deeper connections within myself,: reminded me of what Alan Culler wrote in part in one of his comments “The challenge is to change our self-view so that there are more opportunities to change our mind.”

    Yes, it starts with self my friend, Amy. When we begin to realize the value of this we seek better connections and become more understanding. One of those opportunities is learning from others, as you mentioned. That you and Alan reached this conclusion shows an advanced level of skillful thinking.

    I am glad you liked the car analogy. To be honest, I find it valid myself.

  3. Ali – love the creative connection between the type of car we drive reflecting aspects of ourselves – very enlightening! 😉 And the opportunity to answer Dennis’ question aligns with a recent journal entry answering “Can you learn from others with an open heart?” Both answers revolve around my willingness to see my judgments and assumptions when embarking on a new adventure. Today, I have a more expanded perception than a year ago. Growing deeper connections within myself, it’s easier to see others through compassionate eyes and stay open to what they reflect for me. Yes, learning from others with an open heart is something I can do today that was more difficult for me to do a year ago. 💗