A Christmas Thought

As we gather together with families and friends during this Christmas Season; in love and kindness to share our blessings and our thankfulness for another year that has come and gone, for the strength and healing we’ve seen in our lives and in the lives of others,

May we take a moment to reflect; on those who’ve fought a good fight but are unable to join us as we look forward with the hope and anticipation of a child to another blessed year, one filled with continued strength, healing, and thankfulness, one where we can be found wearing a smile, even on the hardest of days.  And when lacking the strength in ourselves on those days, may we be able to find it in the memory of those who are no longer here, and wear it proudly in their honor.

Lastly, though notably most important, may we be ever mindful of the reason we celebrate this season; why we set aside the time to celebrate with family and friends, why we go out of our way to spread cheer and good tidings to even those unknown individuals we pass by on the street as ships in the night,

May we find hope, thankfulness, and joy not only during this season but throughout the days and years to come, as the shepherds and wise men of old did when they went searching, bearing gifts for the New Messiah and King, the lowly baby born of a virgin, wrapped in swaddling and laying in a manger, as there was no other place to lay Him.

And may we find our life’s inspiration and the strength to push forward against all odds in the fact that long ago, out of love, a love we can not truly comprehend, God thought enough of us to send his Son as a baby to grow and know our way of life and our sorrows, before giving his life for ours that we may have everlasting life.


Mike Sutton
Mike Sutton
Greetings from M L. Sutton, a born-again Christian and retired citizen of the Great Lakes State of Michigan, currently residing in the Northern Michigan town of Cheboygan. A father of two wonderful adult children who also reside in Cheboygan, and a husband of forty-three years, before losing my wife to a health-related illness in May 2020. I began writing in a journal in April 2020, with the words and feelings that I had wished to express to my wife but was unable to because of pandemic guidelines and her illness. After her demise, I continued to write as a way to vent the hurt, confusion, frustration, and sorrow associated with her absence in my life, culminating with the release of my first book, “To Lose a Soul Mate “, which was published by Xulon Press, and released to the public on September 25, 2022. In losing my wife, God had given me a gift one that I could share with others, the gift of writing what my heart felt and my eyes saw, as though looking through the windows of my heart. This new gift allowed me the opportunity to see through the pain and grief of losing my wife and to recognize the beauty that had always been around me but I had not taken the time to fully enjoy, or be thankful for. I now write for enjoyment, as it gives me a sense of peace and comfort, sharing my material on social media sites, while also working on a second book, a collection of writings from both heart and soul; which I have titled Ramblings of the Heart, which I plan to have published at a later date. Before that, I was enjoying retirement with my wife, after having worked for nearly 33 years for the State of Michigan Department of Natural Resources, as a Park Manager in various parks throughout the state of Michigan.

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