A Breath of Change

A breath of change
I feel the shortness of life,
of time left, a sense of urgency.
Of time wasted,
of time lost in wounds and grief,
for a moment I catch my breath

I feel a surge for change,
once dormant, now stokes a fire
deep within me.
Silent whispers, become shouts –
for freedom, for change

My in breath,
starts to own my sense of self.
My out breath,
breathes fire into the world
connecting, connected

The silence is palpable
my breath can be felt
my heart beat heard.
Stepping stones pave the way –
to a new path

Mixed emotions
How to hold both … and
and keep breathing,
breathe into change
taking love and fear with me
into a new light, a new dawn

Endings, breathing fire –
into new beginnings.

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Diane Hinchliffe
Diane Hinchliffehttps://www.creativereflections.co.uk/
I am a Poetry Therapist | a Psychotherapist | a Creative Therapist | and a published author of poems. I work creatively with adults and children offering new ways to share thoughts and feelings to support healing and growth. My work is to support emotional health and wellbeing, by providing safe spaces for conversation which allow for reflection, exploration, and challenge, in working towards change in people’s lives. If the space is right, we might create poetry together. I didn’t know back then that my journey into writing began in my early teenage years with a diary, a padlock, and a key—a place and space to hold the secrets of my life. Over time, my writing has taken many shapes and forms. In my work as a poetry therapist, I support the voice of others to bring words once unspoken to become spoken, and to be seen, heard, and validated. My own writing emerges in the darkest days and nights as a source of healing. Words emerge from deep places within and scatter form across the page, touched by lived experiences of the heart, of life and living, grief and loss, love and joy. I have learned that my writing is not just for my own healing but for others too, to touch the deepest part of others’ lives for healing. No longer are my words locked behind a padlock and key, instead, I entrust them to others to take from them what is needed in order to grow.