A Boy and His Dog

The young boy finished his cereal, ran to his room and grabbed his lucky fishing cap, fishing pole, and burst out the screen door and on to the porch where a coffee can of worms sat on the railing. Rusty, his dog was eagerly waiting for him and began to jump on him and bark as he came outside. He scooped up the worms and headed down the steps with Rusty in tow, his fishing pole over his shoulder, and walked down the dirt road as fast as his little bare feet would take him. He climbed over the wooden fence and headed across the pasture chasing after Rusty towards the pond. Coveys of quail burst from the grass as he ran down the cow trails. Rusty ran ahead barking at the cows and chasing them away from the pond. He crossed the small wooden bridge that led to the lake and made his way to the small wooden dock.

He was in that moment in time where he was the happiest, sitting, fishing, and talking to his dog about everything.

He opened the coffee can, grabbed a worm, put it on the hook, and cast it out. With Rusty by his side, he sat with a smile on his face one arm around him and the other holding the rod. He patiently watched his bobber as the sun rose higher, the sound of ducks filled the air as they landed on the other side of the pond. He was in that moment in time where he was the happiest, sitting, fishing, and talking to his dog about everything. That time and place when nothing else mattered, except him and Rusty. He had his best friend, his feet dangling in the water, and a fishing pole in his hand.  At that precise moment in time, he was the happiest boy on earth. A time that he would remember for the rest of his life, and a time that he would not trade for anything in the whole wide world.

Point to Ponder:

The simplest things in life, a best friend, and a peace that fills the heart cannot be replaced by any amount of money or objects. Those moments in time will be the biggest riches that one could ever hope to have. Those memories and happiness will last a lifetime and will far exceed anything in this world. Peace and happiness far outshine the clearest diamonds, and all that glitters is not gold.

Make your memories count. Make them last a lifetime. Spend your time making yourself happy by doing what you love.


Charlie Walker
Charlie Walker
At a young age, I worked as a structural steel welder walking red iron. Later I moved into the Telecom, Technology, and Physical Security Industry for the last 35 years as a Sr. Design Engineer, Network Engineer, Director, Operations Manager, and Technical Writer. My desires have always been with electronics, designing, CAD Drawings, and Technical writing. My true passion is the outdoors, hiking, backpacking, camping, fishing, photographing nature, and sharing it with others. I am an avid outdoorsman, fly fishing guide, with a deep passion to write about my adventures. I enjoy writing inspirational quotes, articles on the history of creeks I fish, fly fishing conservation, and short stories along with a bit of poetry. As a child, I listened to old men in the General Stores telling stories of the past and their adventures. Some were real and some were as real as the imagination in their minds. Each day, I would run up there to listen to one of their adventures and would sit on the edge of my seat as if I were there, yearning for more. These growing up years led me to my own storytelling and eventually writing about my own adventures. Taking people to places and having them visualize things that they may have never seen. Telling tales that take them back to their own youth and adventures. Bringing stories that will warm the heart, educate them on the history of an area and bring a positive attitude to their lives. My desire as a writer is to open the minds of others that will enjoy the stories that are only limited by my imagination, but will bring a bit of peace, comfort, and harmony to the world. To leave them hanging on the edge and waiting for that next adventure, positive attitude, or story to warm the heart.

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