A Beginner’s Guide to Popular Tattoo Styles

Tattoos have gained a lot of popularity as fashion accessories, which has gotten many people raving about tattoo designs. Tattoos are personal, and they have a special meaning and connection for most people. It is a delicate and meaningful body art meant to communicate a message, or simply for fashion purposes.

Tattoo styles and designs can be confusing, and if you don’t know what you want, you may end up with the wrong tattoo for a long time. When it comes to getting your first tattoo, the style is dependent on where you want the tattoo, and how big the tattoo is. Find an experienced person in creating the style you want, and ensure they have credible references.

Popular Tattoo styles; A Beginner’s Guide

Distinguishing between the different styles helps make an informed decision on the style and what message you want. The following are some of the most common tattoo styles suitable for beginners.

Fineline Tattoos

These tattoos are a popular, growing trend that appears small and discrete, while still unique and delicate. They are drawn with detail using crisp, fluid lines and in strictly black and grey colors. If you want a style that doesn’t require traditional color boldness and an added appeal, fineline tattoos are an excellent choice.

Traditional Tattoo style

Traditional tattoo style is the oldest form of body art tattooing. If you want a tattoo with bright colors and bold outlines, if you are a fan of iconic designs like anchors and roses, eagles, hearts, skulls, and daggers, this is the suitable style for you. This tattoo style is popular in the tattoo community for its gorgeousness and because tattoos are done in this style age very beautifully. This tattoo design has less detail, but it’s done with impeccable precision to leave you amazed.

Realistic Tattoo Styles

Realism has only recently been incorporated in the tattoo world, gaining a lot of popularity and refinery. This style is suitable for people who love realistic depictions of anything natural or surreal, and portraits of celebrities.

Tribal Tattoo Styles

Tribal tattoos are indigenous body art that dates back to ancient times. The tattoos are nearly black most of the time, and they use geometrical designs and symmetry. The tattoos use block black lines for precision and subtle detail to complement the body’s shape.

Ornamental Tattoo Styles

Ornamental tattoos are gaining a lot of popularity, and many people believe their designs to be a symbol of special protection. The tattoo designs depict the moon, sun, flowers, ocean, or amulets images, believed to offer help and protection in hard situations. The designs used are ornamental, and they appear as carvings on the skin. They combine geometric and mandala styles, and are commonly done on the wrist, back of the neck, and arms.

Blackwood Tattoo Styles

This style forms the basis for most tattoo artists, as it simply means tattoo work done using black ink. If you like Polynesian tattoos with aesthetic, black art features combined with styles like abstract, and dotwork, this tattoo style is most suitable.

Watercolor Tattoo Style

The watercolor tattoos style seeks to mimic an artistic process of using streaks and splashes of color to create an impressive, aesthetic piece of art. With the right tattoo artist, this style could look good for a long time.

There are many tattoo styles to choose from, and without proper knowledge, you may pick styles that don’t fit well with each other or the body part chosen. When getting your first tattoo, it can be overwhelming to choose the most suitable design. Be careful not to leave behind a trail of poorly done tattoos on your body.

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