Masterpieceby Billy Craig, Featured Contributor

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Heart, that’s the part that no one can measure nor can they take away
The mechanism with it’s forward motion that pushes for another day
That something inside they can’t put their finger on and they seem so blind to see
The intangible spirit dyed in the wool that crashes through with individuality

Found before the rain goes away Found before the clouds dissipate
That brisk sturdy souls rugged expression will no longer take time to wait
As the nocturnal eventide turns over to it’s new twenty-four hour keel
That which you’re made of stirs inside as Aurora serves your morning meal

Yes, you’ve been knocked down many many times
Even with the sting and fear still burning in your eyes
You reach out and stretch saying I’ll give it another try

I’m done with the critics, the gatekeepers, the roadblocks, the brick walls and all the shackle that have been holding me hostage in this stationary place because

Time after time I’ve broken those chains to fashion a poetic release
And looking at the mirror with hope and a smile, life…

it’s A Beautiful Masterpiece![/message]