Creating Harmony to Live Your Best Life

As we begin to open up, we are hearing more and more about the importance of “Work-Life Balance”. Honestly, I have never understood this phrase.

How can there be any balance if work is always priority one?

We do not have lives that fit nicely into compartments. Our lives have ebbs and flows that change.  Sometimes we plan for these, sometimes it is like riding the wave and trying to navigate the wake of life.  For too long work came at the cost of life.

I prefer the term of Harmonizing of Life.

By moving away from the concept of work-life balance and stepping towards harmonizing life, we create space to reflect and pause professionally and personally. 

~Sharon K. Summerfield

Over the past two years, our lives honestly have been disrupted.  I love the model that is shared in the book “Choosing Change – How Leaders and Organizations Drive Results One Person at a Time” written by Susan Goldsworthy and Walter McFarland. Link to a summary of this book.

In order to find harmony after we are disrupted, a desire for something different is the next step.   This Desire begins the 2nd step of 5Ds to Development. The 5Ds include

Disruption – Desire – Discipline – Determination – Development.

In creating harmony, we create space to find those ways to invest in relationships and be part of work that bring us to life.

We are not just managing the day to only collect a pay cheque.  We are bringing our full selves to all we do.  This helps us learn more about what we love.

In a recent Disrupt Yourself podcast conversation with Whitney Johnson and Marcus Buckingham, he shares this thought:

Your brain on love is more.  Love turns you into a larger version of yourself. 

~Marcus Buckingham

It is by creating harmony in all we do; work does not come at the cost of life.  This truly is an investment in ourselves so we can show up as our best selves.

Part of Harmonizing Life is also creating space for downtime to relax and recharge.  Leading up to our downtime it is key to connect with our team and share who will be the point person in our absence.  Communicate this with our colleagues, clients, and stakeholders several days in advance of our downtime.    As well, establish what a true emergency looks like and how this will be managed in our absence and if and when you need to be brought into the discussion.

While we are away make a commitment to yourself to not think or talk about work.

Making downtime a priority helps create more space for creativity and innovation.  This helps to model we value investing in our wellbeing.

In what ways can you create greater harmony in your life, where work does not come at the cost of life?

This honestly begins by saying yes more to ourselves and no to the things that truly do not nourish us.

In creating harmony we find new ways to blend in the melodic rhythm in the dance of life. 

~Sharon K. Summerfield

As you navigate away from “Work-Life Balance” to Harmonizing Life take small steps.  Change takes time.  Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.

Be kind.

Be patient.

Be nourished in all you do.


Sharon K. Summerfield
Sharon K. Summerfield
Sharon K. Summerfield is the Founder of The Nourished Executive and a Wellbeing Coach. She works with business professionals and their teams, sharing strategies to invest in wellbeing and manage stress with the goal of preventing burnout. In addition to Sharon’s extensive business background, she is also a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Breath Coach. Sharon holds multiple certifications in Business Management, Project Management, Psychological Safety, and Holistic Nutrition. She speaks often about the importance of moving away from “work-life balance” and moving towards a more holistic lens of harmonizing life, where work is one part. Sharon is a lifelong learner, systems thinker, mentor, and connector. “In creating harmony, we find new ways to blend in the melodic rhythm in the dance of life.”

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