8 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays With Employees

We all can agree that spending eight to ten hours at the office should be enough time to spend there. But when the holidays come around, it can be a great way to enjoy more time with coworkers. There are so many possible ideas available that it may seem difficult to know where to start. If you need some great ideas to spread some Christmas cheer this year, then we got you covered with some of the simplest.

1. Create a Decorative Work Space

The workspace is the perfect place to set the holiday scene and spread some Christmas cheer. Simply adding a tiny Christmas tree all decked out will set the tone perfectly. Depending on how creative you want to be, you can easily create your very own Christmas landscape with garland and tinsel. Once decorated, all you have to do is enjoy watching the cheer spread throughout the office.

2. Organize a Holiday Baked Goods Potluck

You can change up the type of employee potluck that you host by making it exclusively baked goods and beverages that include Monin flavors. Have your employees bring in their best-baked goods for their coworkers to enjoy. You can take it one step further and turn it into a competition where employees vote on the best in different categories.

3. Office Secret Santa

Implementing an office secret Santa is a great way to celebrate the act of giving with coworkers. You can easily make a list of employees who wish to participate and set a minimum amount for the gift. Then, a gift is obtained that is based on the interests of the coworker they choose.

4. Design a Holiday Window

Designing a holiday window will create team-building as your employees get to decorate a window in a winter theme. You can make teams and have different themes for every window. You can also make it more competitive by setting a time limit and voting for the best. Then the team with the best window can receive area gift cards for a set limit. Just gather all of the art supplies and decorations and get creative.

5. Worst Holiday Sweater Day

On top of all of the festivities in the office, you can mix in a day where employees can wear their worst holiday sweater. You can schedule it for a day or an entire week if the staff has more than one to share. You want to make sure that everyone is given a heads up so they are able to obtain their own worst sweater if they have none. It is also ok if the sweater is not directly holiday-themed so if the sweater is related indirectly, then that is ok too. This can also be a competition between participants and provides gifts to those who endure the pain of owning the worst holiday sweater.

6. Have Christmas Music Playing Nonstop

Having holiday music is one of the best ways to lighten the mood and atmosphere of any office workplace. Not only does it lighten the mood but it puts everybody in the Christmas spirit. If your office does not have its own radio, you can make a central area where speakers can be placed as your phone supplies the music. You can also wear earbuds if you prefer to listen on your own. However you go about it, you will achieve a merry atmosphere all season long.

7. Share the Company Festivities Through Social Media

By sharing your festivities on social media you are able to include many others who are not able to attend. This is also good so that your readership remains engaged with your posts. It will also provide a festive personality to the brand you represent. Plus, if people can relate to your content, then they will be attracted to your brand more.

8. Decorate Around the Desk Areas

Having a little or a lot of decoration is a good idea and shows off personal touches. It can also spruce up an area that is normally seen as boring. Using wrapping paper on just about anything can be a fun and festive experience for all. It is also a unique way to bring creativity to the office.

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