8 Things The Best Employees Want From Their Employer

Employers are always looking for new talent to improve their businesses, and the best employees always have an eye on the job market and may change positions if a better offer comes along. If you are looking to hire new employees, attract the best talent by touting these eight qualities of your company in your job advertisements.
A Worthwhile Purpose

Good employees want to work for a worthwhile cause. Working on something they believe is important motivates them to work hard and do their best to meet goals and deadlines. Good employees also look for work that interests them because that allows them to become invested in what they are doing and look for ways to innovate and improve the product and customer service. They want to do good work, and want to feel a little bit of ownership in the business.

No one likes to be micromanaged, and good employees, in particular, will be happiest if they are given freedom to solve problems in the way they think is best. They are looking for a certain amount of trust and respect from their employer, who did hire them, after all.


Most employees are looking for a sense of community at work. If their coworkers are happy and enjoy spending time together working and socializing, a new employee is likely to be happy too. Workers know that a company with a strong sense of community among the employees is likely to be an environment where teamwork is encouraged, workers are respected and well-treated, and not pitted against each other in a battle for raises, promotions, or resources.

Room to Grow

A major consideration of job seekers in whether or not to take a job is how much room for growth there is within the company. Good employees know that the way to stay happy and productive in a job is to constantly grow their skill set and take on new and different responsibilities. If it appears that there will be little opportunity to either move up the ranks or build their skills, talented employees will be less likely to take the job.
A Voice

Everyone wants to be respected, and part of respecting an employee is listening to their opinions. Employees are looking for companies where their voices will be heard on everything from topics in the employee handbook to project direction to changes in the direction of the company. Feeling a sense of ownership is critical to developing a sense of loyalty and respect for one’s employer.


Decisions being made behind closed doors make employees feel disconnected from the company and like their opinions don’t matter. The less transparency there is within a company, the more employees feel like they don’t really know what is going on and their interest and motivation will wane accordingly. Being clear with employees about how and why goals are set helps motivate employees to do their best work, and allows them to contribute valuable insight and work that employers may not have asked for or even considered about the project. Hampton Creek Foods, a food biotech company, is well-known for promoting transparency.


Today, most employees highly value flexibility in their job. Many are juggling children, aging parents, other jobs, and other responsibilities along with their primary job. Employers that offer flexible working hours, the opportunity to work remotely when it makes sense, and the ability to leave early for a dentist appointment or to pick up a sick child from school will recruit the best employees.

Fair Pay

Last but certainly not least, good employees know that they are valuable, and will expect to be compensated fairly for their seniority level and geographical location. While it is certainly within an employer’s rights to offer potential employees a low salary expecting to negotiate a little bit, if the initial offer is too low a candidate may simply walk away from the job offer. Similarly, if promotions and raises are not offered in a way that makes sense, employees will start to look for new jobs where they have a better chance at moving up the ranks and earning more money in a predictable way.

These are eight qualities top employees are looking for in an employer. If you are hunting for new talent for your business, emphasize a few of these topics in your job advertisement and during the interview process to help you land the best of the best.

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