7 Ways to Find a Better Job and Move Up the Career Ladder

Some people only see a job as a means to an end – as long as they make enough money to cover their bills, they are happy to keep doing the same job forever. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it’s not enough for some people.

If you are very focused on your career and you are driven by your goals, you might want more from your career. If so, this is the post for you. Naturally, if you want to move forward and keep growing in your career, you will need to find a better job so that you can make your way up the career ladder. But as you likely know, this is often easier said than done. Luckily, we’re here to share some things that may help you.

Revamp your resume

In many cases, your potential future employer will see your resume before they even consider meeting you, which is why it’s important that your resume makes a good impression.

While a resume should, of course, include basic information about you, your qualifications, and your work experience, these days, many employers want a bit more from a resume. Keep in mind that you will probably be competing against many people for the job, so your resume needs to stand out.

If you don’t have the time required to make your resume wow potential employers, you should consider getting professional help. Have a look at a company that offers an executive resume writing service to see what they can offer you.

Get references

Employers want references. It’s as simple as that. While they may be more lenient if it’s someone’s first job – after all, you can’t have references if you’ve never worked – you’re unlikely to get a better job if you don’t have at least one solid reference.

That’s why it’s a good idea to always remain on good terms with your current and past employers, even if you don’t personally agree with their decisions. Doing this could improve your chances of getting a better job in the future.

Work on your interview skills

If you’ve been in your current work position for a while, your interview skills may be a bit rusty, so you need to take the time to prepare for any interviews you may have. Also, keep in mind that an entry-level interview is very different from an executive-level one, so you might need to put in more effort.

You should know the answers to the most common questions asked in interviews, and also have a list of questions for you to ask the employer. On top of that, it may be helpful to research the company.

More and more employers are allowing a relaxed dress code, but you should still dress to impress on your interview – not only will this show that you are taking the job seriously, but it will also boost your confidence. You can click here for some more tips on dressing professionally.


In an ideal world, people would get better jobs and opportunities to move up the career ladder simply based on their skills. And while this is a possibility, it’s much easier to get a better job if you have contacts in the industry.

It may be unfair, but it’s the harsh reality of trying to make your career a success. So, if you know someone who might know someone who can help you, it can’t hurt to get in touch and do some networking.

Look for promotions in your current company

Generally, when it comes to higher-up jobs, many companies prefer to hire employees that have been working for them for a while, simply because these employees already know the company, and the employers know that they can trust them.

Therefore, you have a better chance of being promoted internally than you do externally. Even if there aren’t any positions available, talk to a senior staff member about your goals and whether there is an opportunity for growth in the company. This way, they may let you know if a promotion does pop up. You can also simply ask for a promotion, but be sure to do it correctly.

Get more qualifications

Having an extra qualification to your name can never hurt when you’re trying to get a better job. It doesn’t have to be anything that takes up a lot of your time; you can do a part-time certificate while you continue working.

An additional qualification will make you stand out amongst a sea of competitors for the job, and it will also show potential employees that you are willing to put in the work needed to help you succeed. Be sure to get a qualification that can actually help you in your career.

Look at jobs abroad

If you’ve been looking for a better job for a while now and you haven’t stumbled across anything, you may need to broaden your horizons. In some cases, this could mean looking at jobs in other states or provinces. But sometimes, you will need to look for jobs abroad if you’re serious about getting a better job.

As you probably know, it can be quite challenging to get a job in another country, but it doesn’t hurt to try. Working abroad isn’t a bad idea, and aside from allowing you to grow in your career, it can also offer you the chance to grow in your personal life.

In conclusion

Getting a better job may seem impossible, especially the more you advance in your career, but it is something you can achieve if you put your mind to it. Unfortunately, as with most things that matter, you will need to put in a lot of work to help you achieve this dream.

You also need to know that it’s not something that happens overnight – it may take you many years before you are where you want to be in your career. But if this is something you truly want, it will all be worth it. Do what you need to do, and never lose sight of your goals.

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