7 Ways eBooks Can Help Bring Your Site Traffic

Your website is an open house that no one wants to visit. You have tried spreading the word about your website through social media platforms and word of mouth, but, so far, nothing has worked. You need to make a sale, and making one or two sales each month isn’t enough, especially if your online business is your primary source of income.

Let’s give you a solution:  Have you tried your hand at book writing?

You can write an eBook to drive traffic to your website. “But I don’t know a think about writing an eBook.” Well, you don’t need to be a writer to create a compelling eBook to promote your online business.

With several book writing services available, you can ask a professional and experienced writer to write your eBook. All you have to do is promote the finished eBook.

Now, that doesn’t sound too hard?!

If you need more guidance on how you can promote your eBook to bring traffic to your website, that’s what we’re here for. We’ll let you in on a few different ways you can promote your eBook to reach your target audience, who will then visit your website to download it, and from there, you’ll have their email address.

Who knows?

They may even browse your website to explore the various products and/or services you provide. Even if they don’t, you still have their email address, which means you can send promotional emails about special offers and discounts.

Without further ado, here are different ways book writing can increase your website traffic.

1.    Select Topics for Your eBook with Search Potential

You need to target topics with search potential to direct users to your website. You need to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for consistent and long-term results. You need your website to rank high on search engine websites, particularly Google. This will enable you to generate passive organic website traffic.

How can you achieve that?

We want you to write your eBook on a topic related to your industry that your target audience actively searches about in the search engine.

Here are two ways to achieve that:

Find High-Volume and Low Competition Keywords Using Any Online Keyword Research Tool.

For instance, you sell beauty products. You can search for dry skin. Your chosen keyword tool will provide you with a list of words. You can use a high volume and low competition keyword to create your eBook’s title.

You can use the keywords to promote your eBook as well. Two metrics you need to know about include search volume and keyword difficulty.

  • Search Volume is the overall demand for the keyword or the number of times a user has searched for the keyword each month in Google or a specific country.
  • Keyword Difficulty ranks the difficulty of a keyword and is indicated as a numerical value between 0 and 100.

Use An Online Tool With a Searchable Database Containing More Than a Billion Websites.

You’re looking for low-hanging content ideas for your eBook that are easy to rank on the search engine. You need to find a broad topic. For instance, Content Explorer allows you to apply two filters to search for content ideas— Referring Domains and Organic Traffic Filter.

When a user searches for a topic, your eBook will come up with the results, and they’ll be likely to click on it and visit your website to download it.

2.    Promote Your eBook in Relevant Online Communities

Book writing opens new doors for you to promote it. You can promote your eBook in various online communities relevant to your brand. That’s where you will find your target audience. Facebook has several groups dedicated to a certain industry.

If the topic of your eBook is “10 Tips to Combat Dry Skin,” you can promote your eBook in Facebook groups dedicated to providing information on everything related to skin. You can provide them with a few tips. Then, direct them to your eBook for solutions to repair dry skin.

When people click on your eBook to download it, they’ll be directed to your website. Since one of the solutions to combat dry skin will be one of the products you sell, they’ll be more likely to buy it. You can use your eBook to your advantage by promoting yourself as a leader in skincare in your industry.

The more eBooks you write, the more your reputation as having authority over a subject will increase, and with it, the traffic on your website.

3.    Go on Quora to Answer Questions in Your Niche

Quora is a question-and-answer website where users from all over the world ask questions or answer them. You will be answering existing questions that relate to your industry to position yourself as an authority in your niche.

How does an eBook come into play here?

You need to use your eBook as a tool to drive users to your website. When you are answering a question, you can tell them to read the eBook to find more information on healing dry and cracked skin. Here, your eBook will be the bait to lure them into visiting your website.

Moreover, if someone has written an entire eBook on the answer to the question being asked, it will help you establish authority over the subject at the same time generate website traffic. Remember, an eBook isn’t a blog. You can go into detail in it, which means Quora users will get a more comprehensive answer to their questions through your eBook.

Just keep the following things in mind when answering questions on Quora:

  • You need to provide value. The moderators will remove your answer or ban you from the website if they think that you’re only there to drive traffic to your website (you are, but you need to be smart about it). You can provide a link to your eBook, but only if it genuinely provides value and helps in answering the question.
  • You can include pictures to capture the attention of users scrolling through the feed.
  • Your answers should tell a story to engage the user instead of being boring and robotic.

4.    You Can Promote Your eBook on a Podcast

Your eBook won’t fetch any website traffic if people don’t know about it. Therefore, you need to star as a guest on a podcast to promote your eBook. You can reach out to popular podcasts that feature people from your industry. Their listeners will be your target audience.

You can talk about your eBook on the podcast and direct them to download from your website. The podcast can provide a link to the eBook for their target audience to download it. It will redirect them to your website and help you generate leads and may result in selling a product or two.

5.    You Can Market Your eBook on Your YouTube Channel

If you don’t have a YouTube channel, you can either create one or collaborate with a YouTube personality with the same target audience as you. If you do create one, you need to rank your YouTube channel, so it reaches your target audience.

Here’s how to rank your YouTube channel:

  • Perform keyword research.
  • Identify search intent.
  • Create high-engagement videos to satisfy search intent.
  • Perform on-page video optimization.
  • Publish video and promote.

You need to tap all mediums that you can use to market your eBook. If a user searches for more information, your channel will come up, and in it, you can promote your eBook. You can ask them to download your eBook for free from the link given in the comments.

When they click on it, it’ll redirect them to your website. The key to driving traffic to your website is to promote your eBook through various online marketing mediums, including YouTube.

6.    You Can Do an eBook Series

Do you want your target audience to give your email address so they know when the next eBook in the series will release? You need to promote your eBook on a wide range of online mediums as the first eBook being “Part 1” of a three-part series.

If they download your eBook, they’ll provide you their email address to receive emails when the next eBook is out. They’ll eagerly wait for you to release your next eBook, especially if they loved the first one. If writing three, two, or even one eBook sounds time-consuming and difficult for you, you can consider outsourcing book writing to an eBook writing service.

7.    You Can Publish Your eBook on Third-party eBook Selling Websites?

If you want to earn money through your eBook, you can consider selling it on third-party eBook selling websites. How can you redirect people to your website? You can add a link to your website within the eBook.

Through the eBook, you can promote your products and services. If you have talked about a skincare routine, you can include mention of your products and add web links from which they can buy them. If they’re interested in improving their skincare routine, they’ll click on the link if not to buy, then out of curiosity. In all, you’ll be getting the website traffic that you want.

Do you have to use all the ways?

No, you don’t.

But should you try using most of them?

You definitely should.

Book writing is a great way to promote your website and direct traffic to it. You can’t just write a book and then expect people to visit your website.

You need to promote it through various mediums and use commonly searched topics in your industry as an idea pool for new eBooks.  Make your eBook searchable!

Author Bio: Rob Davis is a SR. Editor at Ghost eBook Writers, a professional eBook writing service with a team of professional and experienced eBook writers. They offer affordable book writing services and can produce well-researched and edited eBooks.

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