7 Unique Ways to Spread The Word About Your New Business

When you have a new business, you need all the attention you can get so that people know you exist. With everyone being so busy these days, you’ve got to be creative about your strategy in order to get people to take notice.

Check out these unique ideas that will spread your brand recognition and awareness, so your new business gets the attention it deserves.

1. Grab Attention With Custom Flags

Catch the eye of everyone who passes by with custom flags that make you stand out wherever you are. Hang custom flags outside your location, take them with you to parades and community events, and ask your friends to put them up too! Custom flags are great attention-getters and come in a variety of sizes for any occasion or use.

  • Custom flags 2×3 – Hang from your car antenna, give to college students for their dorms.
  • Custom flags 3×5 – Perfect for travel, take custom 3×5 flags for parades and community.
  • Custom flags 4×6 – Great for trade shows.
  • Custom flags 5×8 – Excellent for very large showrooms or to hang from your flag pole.

2. Use Social Media

Whether you love social media or think of it as a chore, it is one of the most effective ways of reaching your prospective customers these days. Social media accounts that are active and engaged get quite a bit of attention because they build a community around their brand. In order to make social media work for you, keep the following things in mind:

  • Post something every day.
  • Mix up your content.
  • Engage with other accounts.
  • Pay attention to your branding.

3. Attend Community Events

While building a community on social media is essential for spreading the word to consumers who are not directly in your community, it is also essential to reach out to the people who may be passing your business every day. Get out there and socialize.

If you can rent vendor space, do. Even if it is just to display your company info. Have a T-shirt with your company name and logo printed on it and wear it. Shake hands and pass out your cards. Here are a few types of community events you may be interested in attending:

  • March in parades.
  • Get a booth at festivals.
  • Hand your cards out at sports events.
  • Put a car with your logo on it in a car show.

4. Optimize Your Website

Your website should be optimized so people searching for your services can easily find you. Do some keyword research, make sure you’ve got the right keywords attached to all of your pages, and use them several times on each page.

Write blog posts relevant to your field. Keep people on your site for as long as possible. Things you want to make immediately clear on your website before visitors even scroll down:

  • What are you offering?
  • Why should they want what you are offering?
  • Why are you different from your competitors?
  • What is your brand identity?

4. Make a Promo Video

Google loves video content and your site will get bumped up in the search results if you embed one on your homepage. Creating a short, snappy promo video will communicate your brand and what you have to offer in a short time, but it will keep visitors on your site for longer. Some video pointers to keep in mind:

  • Increase sound quality with a microphone.
  • Pay attention to your lighting.
  • Create a video that people understand whether the sound is on or off.
  • 1-3 minutes is a good length to start with.

5. Contribute to Your Community

Contributing to your community shows customers you care and gets the name of your company in front of people. You can volunteer your time and show up with your t-shirt sporting your company logo, donate money and ask for an ad in a program or for display, or host your own community action event. Here are some ideas:

  • Cleanup days.
  • Field days.
  • Donate to local charities.
  • Collect donations for Toys for Tots or another similar organization.

6. Offer Your Services as an Expert

You started your own business, so you must be an expert in your field. Get out there and consult with people and build your reputation among people who will be interested in your services. Some ideas for ways you can share your expertise and make your services known:

  • Offer to write articles.
  • Offer to speak at events.
  • Offer classes.
  • Hold informational events or lectures.

7. Hold a Giveaway or Contest

There’s only one thing people love more than free stuff. Recognition. Hold a giveaway or a contest requiring people to share your social media page or website or refer a friend, and offer them a prize of some sort along with fanfare and acknowledgment. When you do this, you spread brand awareness and build loyal customers at the same time. Contest ideas:

  • Have people like and share your page to be entered into a drawing.
  • Ask people to do some silly task on video, sharing and tagging you.
  • Give a prize to whoever refers the most new customers in a given time period.
  • Give something away to anyone who comes to your location in costume for holidays like Halloween.
  • Leverage the giveaways and prizes to promote your business. Add your logo or company name to Gildan T-shirts and other branded merchandise. Doing so will make the recipients or winners feel special and exclusive. Plus, you get free advertising when they wear or use the products.

Do you know of other best practices to get your brand noticed? Spread the word in the comment section.

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